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Slimmer's World Awards Prestigious Prize

Slimmer's World Magazine has today voted fitness the threadboneway (TM) - The Threadbone Corporation's revolutionary fitness programme and video release - first prize in its annual survey of fitness regimes worldwide. Jury deputy chair Benita Rodriguez-Hanades-Paella announced that the decision had been close - so close that for the first time in the competition's history, jury chair (Mrs Amanda J Threadbone) had been forced to exercise her casting vote.

Launched earlier this year after a short clinical trial, fitness the threadboneway(TM) warded off intense competition from rival and longer established programmes. Asked if Slimmer's World was convinced of the exercise regime's efficacy and safety, a tight-lipped Ms Rodriguez-Hanades-Paella offered the view that "the jury was out" though whether to lunch or a night club was not clear.

fitness the threadboneway (TM) is a meditation and vigorous work-out programme designed to be used in conjunction with the thrupiecediet (TM) from the same, RSCBE-endorsed stable. It's major sponsors are Hornimint Global the food and entertainment conglomerate.

Cover of Slimmer's World announcing that fitness the threadboneway is the winner of this year's awards

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