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Bob Twelvetrees Is thrupiecetelevision Sports Personality 2016

Bob "Tiger" Twelvetrees has been named thrupiecetelevision Sports Personality of the Year. More than 50 sportsmen and sportswomen together with a handful of Dorset celebrities attended the glittering ceremony in the Community Social Centre, Motcombe earlier today.

Host, sponsor and Dorset business woman of the year (2007-1016) Mrs Amanda J Threadbone presented a surprised Mr Twelvetrees with the Thrupiece Trophy after the final count placed him 8 votes ahead of 5 times Owermoigne cheese-rolling champion Wednesday Dale and 14 votes ahead of hot favourite Lucinda Thoreau-Bred (Durweston Open Gymkhana runner-up) who had to be content with 3rd place and the Whisky-McNightly Shield. Mr Twelvetrees, 8 time winner (with Mrs Threadbone) of the Remedy Oak Pro-Am Festival "Long Game" Quoits Tournament expressed his delight at his unexpected victory. "I am surprised", he told the assembled personalities, "and delighted". "When Mrs Threadbone first told me I would win, I couldn't believe it as the voting had not yet taken place. But she reassured me again last week that it was "in the bag" even though the polls were still open, so I began to think it was possible. Tonight has confirmed that she was right all along. She is not only a far-sighted woman, but also chair of the voting scrutiny panel which makes her support all the more welcome." Mr Twelvetrees victory parade through the streets of Long Crichel is expected to take place on Tuesday next (or Wednesday if market-day traffic is heavy). The trophy will be on temporary display at Crown-Magna Leisure's Raging Poodle Public House, Hazelbury Brian between 9 and 9.30 on Tuesday Morning.

The thrupiecetelevision Trophy

The thrupiecetelevision Trophy: coveted by many, won by few.

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