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DHRA Receives Generous Donation from LIFE President and Chair Mrs Amanda J Threadbone

The DHRA was today celebrating the generous gift, from LIFE President and Chair Mrs Amanda J Threadbone, of an original sketch by Ms Magenta Palet (1902-1976).

The sketch "completed in a matter of minutes" whilst Ms Palet was holidaying in France with Mrs Threadbone's grandfather Ferguson Thrupiece (then appearing at the Cafe de Paris with his Dorset Allstars Orchestra) is considered typical of her postwar work. "It demonstrates perfectly the expressive freedom which liberation for the Nazis and the Great Western Railway brought to her art", biographer Delia Trunch explained. Ms Palet was in France studying the great impressionist masters when she encountered her old friend Ferguson Thrupiece, in Paris on a Dorset Arts Council post war morale boosting tour of the war-torn European capitals. A very young Amanda Threadbone (nee Thrupiece) was present when Ms Magenta drew the sketch and gave it to her as a "throwaway gift". It is signed by the artist "in great admiration", a reference Delia Trench surmises to the young Amanda's prodigious talents on the English spoons. Mrs Threadbone confirmed that she had "knocked one out" on the restaurant cutlery "to the surprise and delight of those present", little realising the impact her impromptu performance would have on the older artist. "Being heavier and more highly decorated than the spoons she was used to, the French variety may well have given a the young Amanda some difficulty though clearly not enough to mar her performance significantly", Professeur Claude Cuillères of the Paris Conservatoire d'Instrument Domestique added. She was what we French call "La Jeune Whizz!"

Nor did the young and future Mrs Threadbone realise the value of her gift. "It's almost priceless" Art Curator and Up Sydling collectibles authority Mynor Tatt told the assembled press at the unveiling today. "So priceless, I couldn't put a price on it."

"Though this is not the first gift Mrs Threadbone has given us, it is one of the most significant. We feel sure it is guaranteed a permanent place amongst our collection's greatest treasures and that Mrs Threadbone is guaranteed to continue as our President for some time to come", DHRA Secretary Sheila Escritoire announced.

Sketch by Magenta Palet given to a young Mrs Amanda J Threadone (nee Thrupiece) on a chance encounter in Paris

Sketch by Magenta Palet given to a young Mrs Amanda J Threadone (nee Thrupiece) on a chance encounter in Paris.

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