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New Ziggy Biography Fuels Sensational Claim

A new biography of rock legend Ziggy Osmington to be published by the Threadbone Press next month claims - amongst several startling revelations - that previous stories regarding the breakup of Ziggy's original band the Belle-Ends were nothing less than a cover up for a much more sinister tale.

Until now it has been widely believed that the breakup was due to irreconcilable artistic differences arising from Ziggy's drug-fuelled journeys into more and more experimental musical forms - most notoriously the use of the glass harmonica on 1964's "She Wants You". Other band members were said to have tired of Ziggy's endless solitary knob-twiddling deep into the early hours and holed-up in the popular combo's Affpuddle Studios. "He just couldn't leave it alone", one said at the time, "he just stayed there all day and night playing - alone - with himself until he could hardly see straight." As was widely reported at the time, Ziggy had an acute dependency on Mivvis - a popular ice-cream based confectionary product of the time. Only recently have scientific studies confirmed the mind altering properties of the E-saturated water-ice coating when taken in large quantities. Shortly after the "She Wants You" incident (the song charted at No 372 in the Dorset top 500 in May of 1964), Ziggy inexplicably abandoned the Belle-Ends entirely, going on three years later to found the Boners with whom he had a second highly successful career. So far: so rock and roll!

However, in her new book Fingering Myself: The Life and Strange Times of Ziggy Osmington, author and former groupie Sandra Won-Nitestande (nee Uptha-Duffe) reveals that Ziggy was under unbearable duress at the time and possibly the victim of gang-land threats following his alleged involvement in an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap the pet chinchilla of pop rival Frank "King" Arthur. Ms Won-Nitestande goes on to allege that Arthur had extensive Dorset "mob" contacts who bullied venue-managers into boycotting Ziggy who, bereft of engagements, famously "disappeared" for three years following the acrimonious break-up of the Belle-End's. Frank "King" Arthur himself disappeared in 1998 shortly after receiving a letter through the post followed by a large delivery of concrete ostensibly ordered to fill in his swimming pool.

Fingering Myself: The Life and Strange Times of Ziggy Osmington is published by Threadbone Press and will be available in April. Click here to preorder [WARNING YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED TO ANOTHER SITE].

The Original Mivvi: innocent or guilty of the downfall of Ziggy Osmington?

The Original Mivvi: innocent or guilty of the downfall of Ziggy Osmington?

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