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Hornimint Tribute Available on Eve of Anniversary

The Hornimint Record Company in association with longtime partners The Threadbone Corporation has today rush-released Welcome to my World, a stunningly deluxe tribute to Mrs Amanda J Threadbone on the eve of her 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Culled from the depths of its huge catalogue of recordings, the "Concept Album of 2017" features favourite artistes whose careers have coincided with and in many cases been furthered by their familial collection to Mrs Threadbone. Created in secret - and code-named "Nepotism" - to thwart the digital pirates, today's release has taken many by surprise. Radio Burstock drive-time DJ Simon "Heavy" Traphicke said the release had "taken many by surprise", adding "It's certainly surprised me and I would say it was one of the surprise releases of the year". However industry expert and Threadbone insider Peter Insider told an excited press: "It was inevitable we would do something to mark an occasion this significant. Mrs Threadbone is keen on Anniversaries and if we'd missed this one there would have been hell to pay. Still it will be a wonderful surprise for her: she only told us to do it and selected the tracks two weeks ago".

The album featuring songs taken exclusively from both the Hornimint Nostalgia and Hornimint Classical labels contains - perhaps surprisingly - nothing by Ziggy Osmington who was recently a guest of Mrs Threadbone's at a prestige Dorset Awards Ceremony. However, a spokesperson for the controversial but now largely harmless rock legend said there was nothing suspicious about the omission. "Ziggy was going to pull out something special and then give it to her full on, but in the end he didn't have the energy. He's exhausted from working on his "Biggest Boners". The album is due out in September"

Welcome to my World is available from the orinoco store.

Hornimint Records has issued "Welcome to my World": A tribute to Mrs Amanda J Threadbone on the eve of her 50th Wedding Anniversary

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