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Mystery in Magenta

Further reports from the investigative team at the Chilfrome Ladies Weekly suggest that the "other" Thrupiece artwork to be exhibited in The Assembly Rooms (20-21 May) alongside the late Chilfrome November 2003 is Madonna27: a full life study from the Professor's Magenta Period (1984-5).

Brother and sister Art Critics and London Culture Vultures - V & A Galleriés - believe it to be one of approximately 6 portraits (the designation 27 is not a numeric indicator) made in early 1985 when the Professor was host to a party of Culinary Bio-ethicists from the Virgin Islands. Albert Galleriés further speculates that the portrait's subject may be Dr Madeleine Madeleine who had "shared a taxi" with the Professor on the evening of 18th February 1985 after both had attended a welcome party and he had "expressed admiration for her bone structure and a desire to explore it further during a chance encounter over a cheese and pickled gherkin snackette". The Professor later recorded in his Diary ("The Thrupiece Diaries (Middle Years) Volume 4 "Cocktails on Sticks", The Threadbone Press) that he had been completely preoccupied with the idea of producing a cornichon substitute through a vinegar-based de-coloured soot compound when his thoughts were arrested "by the most extraordinary sight": viz "a dusky woman of uncertain origin with a bone structure faintly reminiscent of a walnut whip".

Whether or not the portrait is of Dr Madeleine Madeleine, it is, by all accounts a fine example of the Professor's work from this period. Interested parties can judge for themselves: the short Exhibition opens at 10am on 20th May. Pre-booking is essential as several members of the general public have already expressed an interest in viewing the portraits. Members of the Chilfrome Naturist Club may exercise their entitlement to seasonal concessions after 3pm.

Madonna27 one of two portraits to be hung briefly at the Chilfrome Assembly Rooms

Madonna27 a portrait from Professor Thrupiece's Magenta Period (1984-5) is one of two portraits to be hung briefly at the Chilfrome Assembly Rooms

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