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Constellation Re-named For Famous Professor Of Culinary Bio-Ethics

The star cluster (or false constellation) previously known as Sextans Lambda 3/2793 in the area of deep space generally referred to as Bomerich 3656543124 has been renamed Thrupiece 8 in honour of Dorset's legendary Professor of Culinary Bio-ethics, Professor Brian Thrupiece. This singular honour - rare according to astro-physicists at the Threadbone Observatory, Great Heaving - has been given in recognition of the late Professor's stature as "probably the famous man ever to have been born and raised in the County of Dorset and the only one to have died in mysterious circumstances in a Swiss Hotel Room accompanied only by a pair of slippers and a small (and probably malfunctioning) electrical appliance".

Though some might regard the Professor as but one of several candidates for "most famous man ever to have been born and raised in the County of Dorset" - lawyers for Ziggy Osmington are said to be taking a keen interest in the matter - few will begrudge this famous son of Dorset his place in the firmament. It is, of course, not the first time that Professor Thrupiece has found himself in space.

The discovery of Sextans Lambda 3/2793 exactly two years ago (01/08/2015) was an early success for Stage 43 of the Hubble Threadbone Project - the deep space exploration programme which uses state of the art telescopy™ to penetrate the unknown regions of deep space. Fitting then that the 4 ton telescope which lies at the heart of the project should have been launched on its mission by rockets still powered by a variant of the methane fuel first identified and isolated by a juvenile Professor Thrupiece over 60 years ago.

"When it came to boldly going, the Professor often boldly went" says space historian, Star Trek fan and Threadbonian Science Museum Curator James Nimoy-Leonard, "in fact it's almost impossible to chronicle the number of dwarfs, black holes, rings and annular formations he personally probed, such was his penetrating nature. The man had an insatiable appetite and you have to respect that."

Sextans Lambda 3/2793 now known as Thrupiece 8 lies deep in the region of space known to astonomers and astro-physicists as Bomerich 3656543124

Sextans Lambda 3/2793 now known as Thrupiece 8 lies deep in the region of space known to astronomers and astro-physicists as Bomerich 3656543124. It is rare for a star formation to be named in honour of a recently deceased Culinary Bio-ethicist but scientists at the Threadbone Observatory believe it to be a wholly appropriate appellation, given Professor Thrupiece's enduring legacy. I. Bomerich 356543124, II. Sextans Lambda 3/2793 in close up, III. superimposition of the Professor's likeness reveals uncanny geometric correlations and probably explains the real reason for the renaming. [All pictures © 2015 & 2017. Reproduced with the kind permission of The Hubble Threadbone Project.]

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