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5 Things You May Have Missed at Threadtech 2017

Amidst the excitement surrounding the launch of the Thrupiece News App at the recent annual Threadtech Conference in Great Heaving, several other key announcements may have gone under the radar. Threadtech 2017 was notable for a number of low key Corporation statements which, whilst less revolutionary and headline-grabbing than the headline app revelations are, nonetheless, of huge significance according to Threadbone Corporation Watchers, the loose association of Threadbone Corporation watchers .

Here's just five that you might have missed

1. Mrs Amanda J Threadbone announced her intention to relinquish several of her posts in order to concentrate on key developments as well as her own "personal wellbeing". She will step down from several of her responsibilities (particularly those associated with the RSCBE and peripheral AJTCorps posts) with effect from September 2035. Her day to day work within the thrupiece organisation, Threadbone Corporation proper and DHRE will be unaffected and in the meantime she will continue "as normal". She may or may not turn on the Chiswell Christmas lights in 2026.

2. The Mr Threadbone Memorial Pole will not be unveiled in 2018 as previously announced. Design modifications together with a dearth of suitably skilled craftspersons has meant that it will take longer than originally envisaged to produce an accurate likeness. There are believed to be "sheen issues".

3. Ms Audrey Badminton Court will spearhead a new Retrospective Thrupiece Technical Audit to ensure that all Thrupiece-related findings, patents and copyrights are properly understood, appropriately logged and registered and legally enforceable worldwide. This is believed to be a reaction to growing Chinese interest in the thrupiecediet in particular, though several other key Thrupiece monetarised assets are thought to be under increasing foreign commercial threat. The market reacted favourably to this long awaited announcement: Threadbone Corporation shares rose on the Church Knowle Exchange (KNEX) by 15%.

4. The thrupieceorganisation will invest an undisclosed "but significant" sum in thrupiecefilm's new Christmas offering, details of which are - as always - tightly under wraps. Dierdri Eastman-Kodakowski will once again direct.

5. The new 2017 Threadbone Corporation/thrupieceorganisation wallpapers for both desktop/laptop and smartphone were released to huge critical acclaim. They have already topped the download totals recorded for the 2016 versions (8). Readers will recall that the huge increase in internet traffic which they generated last year temporarily crashed the Threadbone Narrowband Dialup Servers taking the entire organisation offline for three weeks.

They wallpapers can be accessed and downloaded free of charge HERE

The much anticipated Threadbone Corporation Wallpapers for Desktop/Laptop and Smartphone are now available

The much anticipated Threadbone Corporation Wallpapers for Desktop/Laptop and Smartphone are now available. Corporation technicians hope that the stampede to download them will not lead to the catastrophic technical issues experienced last year.

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