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Girton Non-Industrial Light And Magic Posts Christmas Message

Girton Non-Industrial Light and Magic the state-of-the-art post-production facility of thrupiecefilm has today posted a Christmas message to its legion of fanatical fans.

The much-anticipated and eagerly awaited short film which has no precedent and came as a complete surprise even to industry insiders is described by the company as "a love letter to Christmas and our supporters world-wide". Asked if it now set a precedent, Company Chair Mr Louis B Threadbone was evasive. "A precedent isn't a precedent until it is followed and we haven't yet taken a decision on whether to follow this in the future. If we do then yes. If we don't then no. It's not black and white ... not as easy as you try to make it sound." Asked why thrupiecefilm had yet to announce a Christmas blockbuster to follow on from its previous string of Yuletide hits, Mr Threadbone was evasive. "We've yet to announce it because we haven't made one. There won't be a Christmas blockbuster from thrupiecefilm this year". Asked why he was being so evasive, Mr Threadbone added, "It's that kind of industry. There are spies and infiltrators everywhere. If I tell you guys we haven't made a Christmas blockbuster everyone will know we haven't made a Christmas blockbuster and eventually even the cinema-going public will notice. That kind of thing undermines confidence and stops people going to watch films we haven't made. It's about deniability and I deny we've made a Christmas blockbuster this year."

Once a small independent facility, Girton Non-Industrial Light and Magic was acquired by the Threadbone Corporation for an undisclosed but "significant" sum and subsequently taken into the portfolio of the thrupiecemedia | thrupiecefilm group in 2013. Highlights of its output include: It Happened in Summer and Affair in Mayfair [Available for digital download HERE] as well as the big screen epic And Suddenly It's Christmas [yet to be released on DVD Bluray and Cassette Tape].

Girton Non-Industrial Light and Magic's State-of-the-Art premises in Cambridgeshire. It is deliberately located some distance from The Threadbone Corporation/thrupieceorganisation's headquarters in Great Heaving in order to foster an atmosphere of calm in which creative enterprise can take root and soar freely.

The Girton Non-Industrial Light and Magic Love Letter to Christmas can be viewed below:

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