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In a demarche on public opinion and in a clear attempt to win yet more friends for the sometimes troubled Threadbone Corporation, CEO and serial Dorset Business Woman of the Year Mrs Amanda J Threadbone has invited ordinary readers into her hitherto well-guarded Swiss holiday home via a "virtual tour" [ie photo-album [ed]] of its commodious accommodation. Purchased just over two years ago in oder "to get nearer to the spirit and perhaps final resting place of our beloved Professor Thrupiece", luxury La Maison de le Mini-Tractor Perdue has never before opened its doors to the public gaze; being the sanctuary and private retreat of the much-travelled Dorset dragon. It stands in 38 acres of pine forest and is as near to isolation and anonymity as the world-famous entrepreneur can hope to get.

Corporation publicist and PA to Mrs Threadbone Femke Kover-Uppe defended the "no holds barred" action against accusations of "dumbed-down popularism" by pointing to the success of similar actions by fading and/or soiled public figures in recent times. "What would you have her do?", Ms Kover-Uppe asked rhetorically, "go into the jungle, pose for a centre-fold spread, go dancing on ice, agree to a frank interview with Piers Morgan... For goodness sake the woman is xxxxxx-xxxx [redacted] and we needed some kind of diversionary tactic".

Published as a pull-out supplement to December's Unique Dorset Homes Magazine, the intimate portrait of Mrs Threadbone at leisure is sure to stir up interest. Edna's the well-known chain of Dorset newsagents reported brisk sales with some customers buying up to a copy each. "That's unusual" counter assistant Deirdre Counter-Assistant explained, "Usually they just stand a flick through them. Especially the top shelf ones. Then they just sort of grunt, re-adjust themselves and hurry out of the shop."

The Magazine also features an exclusive interview with Shelley-Lulette Sizemore. "That's probably why they buy it", Deirdre added, "there's a rumour she's topless".

That supplement in digital form HERE

December's Unique Dorset Homes features a pull out supplement offering a "virtual" tour of Mrs Amanda J Threadbone's Swiss home.

December's Unique Dorset Homes features a pull out supplement offering a "virtual" tour of Mrs Amanda J Threadbone's Swiss home. Rumour has it it also features a topless Shelley-Lulette Sizemore, the reason perhaps why sales are said to be brisk.

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