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Today's educationally informative blog which objectively, dispassionately and reasonably considered the merits of the First, Second and Third Dorset Schools fittingly marked the 700th edition of the Thrupiece blog. It stands, we feel, as a testament to the high standards, clear-eyed analysis and intellectual integrity we have tried to maintain throughout the life of this throbbing organ of penetrative intercourse.

Staff will be celebrating in a muted way before going home today - with proprietor Mrs Amanda J Threadbone's explicit approval - half an hour early.

Understandably, congratulations have been pouring in from all sides, all celebrating, in their various ways, the fiercely independent and frequently brave stance taken by over the widest range of the issues facing us today. Here we publish just one - selected at random from the many we have received.

May we take this opportunity to thank you - the public we seek to serve and whose requirements are always uppermost in our deliberations - for your loyal support and readership over the past 3 years and counting. No one recognised the value of public opinion more than Professor Thrupiece who, we should remember, once memorably quipped [Edna Whisky-McNightly [2009] The Collected Aphorisms of Professor Thrupiece [The Threadbone Press]] "The public is never wrong until and unless you seek their opinion in a referendum in the event of which you should cheerfully ignore them for as long as possible". Touché

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