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"Quod bonum est, a parva adjumenta"

the thrupieceorganization


Named posthumously for its founder and inspiration culinary bio-ethicist Professor (Sir) Brian Thrupiece (1940-2005), the thrupieceorganisation is a multi media conglomerate spanning a wide variety of enterprises, many registered offshore in the Dutch Antilles, the Maldives and Great Heaving (Dorset).

After Professor Thrupiece's demise, its affairs were directed first by Mrs Edna Whisky-McNIghtly and latterly by Mrs Amanda J Threadbone under whose inspired leadership it has blossomed into a world top 40,000 company.

With a direct controlling interest in ©thrupiecemedia, ©thrupiecefilm, and ©thrupiecevideo (film and televisual arts) as well as ©Orinoco Film & Swiss Canton Digital (global entertainment and analogue multimedia), the thrupieceorganisation has rapidly established itself as a major player across the whole spectrum of the visual and performing arts, quickly outgrowing Professor Thrupiece's darkroom and camera store in Boscombe. It now occupies state-of-the-art premises on the burgeoning Hornimint/AJTCorps business campus in Great Heaving near Lulworth Dorset.  


The thrupieceorganisation is co-owner with The Hornimint Company of The Threadbone Corporation (including The Threadbone Press (printed and digital media) and Threadbone Leisure & Spa (hotels and recreation)).  Together they oversee the affairs of both The Dorset Historical Romance Association (DHRA) and the Royal Society of Culinary Bio-ethics (RSCBE).  


In symbiotic and synergetic association with all of its constituent companies and partner entities, the thrupieceorganisation pursues its core mission of fulfilling Professor Thrupiece’s vision of unified science and art which is both ethical and approachable whilst remaining deeply trivial and utterly pointless.​

One of several portraits said to be of Brian.  This one hangs in the Reception of the DHRA Offices in Great Heaving and is generally considered authentic.


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