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Brian Nude Framed Small.png

Man at Rest [2011]

Watercolour 18" x 18"

Though the sitter is unidentified, facial recognition techniques supported by extensive archival research as well as non-continuous written provenance strongly support the idea that the portrait is of Professor Thrupiece.  The circumstances of its creation are unknown though it is likely that it was undertaken during one of the Professor's visits to Mrs Amanda J Threadbone's home - quite probably shortly before or after he had taken a bath.


Enriqué is known to have "captured" several members of the Threadbone Circle between c2011 and 2017.  This is a particularly fine and treasurable portrait of one of the circle's most influential members seen in an unusual light. The artist general used oils; watercolours are more rare.

GUIDE PRICE: £165,000
Brian Bongos.png

The Professor at Bongos [1963]

Oil on Canvas 36" x 24"

Bentbone [1926-1998] was the son of simple farming folk and was destined to be a saloon bar decorator before he won a short course at the Kansas Art School in a local hoe-down after-supper charity raffle. Since the prize also included a set of paints and a brush, he was better placed than most of the other students to take advantage of the lessons offered and, once he mastered the art of matching particular colours to the corresponding numbers in the shapes on the pre-printed canvass, he "flew out of the blocks like a bull on heat".


Bentbone is known to have "captured" the Professor at least 5 times, though hitherto only two paintings have come to light: The Professor Plays Poker and the present lot: The Professor at Bongos.

GUIDE PRICE: £122,500

Boneforth "Saucy Postcard" Comic Series No 3014

Printed Postcard 6" x 5" . CONDITION: GOOD


A rare opportunity to acquire a much sought after Seaside Postcard of the type prevalent in all Dorset resorts in the 1950 and 1960s.  This design dates from 1965 and is the work of famous Boneforth artist MacDonald McGrill


Featuring married couple Mr and Mrs O'Dinary - he the henpecked husband and she his rumbustious and uncontrollable wife - it is in good condition for its age showing only slight markings on the rear.


Part of a collection of cards being auctioned on behalf of the estate of the late Mr and Mrs Skivvy of Sydling St Nicholas, it is offered as a single item on account of its unique reverse.  Handwritten by Mrs Skivvy, it draws attention to the uncanny likeness between cartoon character Mr O'DInary and Professor Sir Brian Thrupiece  - a likeness hitherto unremarked. 

sold-sticker transp.png

Bin with Two Discarded Post-its

Professor Brian Thrupiece

Acrylic on Canvas 12" x 12"


A rare opportunity to acquire an original Thrupiece canvas of historical significance and known provenance. It would be a considerable understatement to say that artworks by the Professor are both highly regarded and highly sought after by connoisseurs worldwide. Since most remain in private hands, the availability of a significant work at auction is, to say the least, unusual.


Bin with Two Discarded Post-its dates from c1987 and is typical of the artist's formalist period during which he simplified his style, economised his aesthetic and turned his attention from people to things. Believed to be a representation of the Professor's own waste-paper basket, it is considered both characteristic and biographical. It is unsigned, though the absence of a signature is not untypical of his formalist period - a time when the Professor was struggling to find a graphic representation of his name which properly reflected his aesthetic aspirations and demands. The picture has been authenticated by The Thrupiece Institute and is sold with all appropriate certificates and guarantees.


Formerly the property of a Lady, it is offered "as seen". The large organic stain on the back of the canvas is not considered to be "post-mortem" as it were, but rather the result of an accident involving the over-excited Professor and his muse of the time [DNA confirmation awaited].

GUIDE PRICE: £265,000
Murder on the Stile Cover.png
Draft Pages of Murder on the Stile
Agatha Panthus
Tyescript on Foolscap
A rare chance to acquire these typescript pages produced by the author c1958. Typed on the author's own Remington Classic, these pages provide a vital insight into the mind and working methods of one of Britain's most beloved theatre figures.
Recently unearthed by Professor d'Niall [Chetnole Institute of Higher Education and editor of the Critical Edition of Ms Panthus's plays] they are offered for sale with the agreement of Ms Panthus's executives Messrs Threadbone, Threadbone and Threadbnone, great Heaving.
The folio also includes three snapshots of artwork intended to guide productions of the play.  One is slightly discoloured by a coffee stain assumed to be from a cup once held by the author.  For this reason, the "blemish" might be considered an enhancement rather than a diminishment.
GUIDE PRICE: £65,000
Sonnet catalogie Version.png
Sonnet XVII [c 1613]
Parchment 12" x 8" approx
A rare chance to acquire this folio page by poet William Breakebone [aka William Breakefast-Threadstocke-Bonepiece] Sonnet XVII or "The Haddock's Minge Sonnet" is widely regarded as amongst Breakebone's finest works  Of excellent and well-established provenance [ex libris Professor Brian Thrupiece and latterly The Thrupiece Archive, Great Heaving].
Near-mint condition excepting a [non-contemporary] coffee stain [not removable] and slight damaging where a previous Archive Accession label has been partly removed.
The folio, the gift of an anonymous donor, is being auctioned in aid of The Mr Threadbone Memorial Pole Fund and is expected to attract wide interest amongst the several Breakebone enthusiasts.
GUIDE PRICE: £125,000
Representation of Professor Thrupiece as an Angel of Business Administration and Ethical Commercial Affairs [c 2012]
Oil on canvas 148" x 100"
Commissioned by the Threadbone Corporation after the School of Enrique de los Chocos Perdidos, this stunning canvas is a copy of the original which hangs today in the foyer of the AJTCorps Building.  Believed to have once been the property of a lady, it has become available unexpectedly and this is, therefore, a rare opportunity for the discerning collector to acquire a much-loved masterpiece.  There is slight [barely visible] restoration to one of the wings damaged in a well-documented  incident with a stray cocktail sausage
GUIDE PRICE: £625,000
Woman with Parasol [c 1928]
Oil on canvas 12" x 12"
A unique opportunity to acquire this stunning work by one of Dorset's most treasured artists.  Painted (probably in Paris) in 1928, it shows Madame de Petite-Reputation on one of her daily perambulations near the Arc de Triomphe in search of company and amusement.
Commissioned during the artist's Parisian period by one of her several acquaintances - Le Compte de Bleueberrie - it is one of five known representations of Madame de Petite-Reputation.  The other four are in the Royal Dorset Collection, Winterborne Houghton.
GUIDE PRICE: £148,000
B & S Framed.png
At the Opera [c 1977]
Photograph 12" x 8"
A unique opportunity to acquire this stunning original by renowned society photographer Patrick Lidlynch.
Taken at the Threadbourne Opera House, West Dorset in 1977 it depicts an unknown couple in the Great Organ Room prior to a performance of Addinsell Threadbone's La Damnation de Sainte Therése ou La Chute de la Maison Tory.
The value of the photograph is enhanced not only by its condition but its evidential value in disputing the contention that, following well-sourced leaks from rehearsal,  no-one attended the opera.
Unique Dorset Gnome.png
In July we will be holding another auction of local and regional magazine titles and this year we have been fortunate to acquire for sale the famous Binstock Collection.
Patiently assembled by Royston Binstock, Deputy CEO of the Threadbone Corporation, this unique portfolio of titles is available for auction due to its owner's decision to "downsize" and make room for future accessions.  Mr Binstock's collection - for many years the envy of collectors Dorset-wide - is expected to attract huge interest.
Early expressions of interest should be registered by 5th June 2019 to ensure a place at the sale.
Ziggy Vanity Fair.png
Dorset Modern Christmas 1951.png
Rolling Bone.png
In September we will be holding another auction of cinema, theatre and other posters and this year we have been fortunate to acquire for sale the famous Cripplestyle Empire Collection.
Patiently assembled by Eunice Boxxe-Phyle, Archivist of the Cripplestyle Empire Theatre Archive, this unique portfolio of titles is available for auction due to the Theatre's bankruptcy and closure.  The collection - for many years the envy of collectors Dorset-wide - is expected to attract huge interest.
Early expressions of interest should be registered by 20th August 2019 to ensure a place at the sale.
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TWIST Poster Small.png
Titus AndrogenousSmall.png
The Lady II.png
Aubrey Gavel [Senior Partner]
Aubrey has been "banging on" since  the foundation of the Company in 2006. He specialises in funny voices, rhythmic speech, elegant wrist flicks and a decisive final knock.
His knowledge dates back several years and is almost current in Indonesian portraits (1900-2010), Chinese porcelain (2002-2005), smokers' impedimenta (all eras), kitchen appliances (1884-1926), linoleum and lincrusta decorative art (sine die) and automobile lubricants (1906-1943).
Gervaise Escritoire [Junior Senior Partner]
Furniture and Drapes
Felicity Slippe-Ware [Junior Senior Partner]
China and Porcelain
Kathy Kirby-Gripp [Junior Partner]
Jewellery & Minutiae
Lancelot  Scalpel [Junior Partner]
Medical and Military 
Bunny Dill-Doe [Junior Partner]
Toys & Dolls
Originally established in a small garage of the Little Breedy Trading Estate, Sotherbone's has grown over the years - in both size and prestige - and moved in 2012 to its present spacious premises in Bishop's Caundle.
Visitors are welcome (by appointment) but those intending to browse should be aware that our highly trained staff can sniff out chancers at long range. 
Sales are strictly by public auction only and no private or side-deals are entertained.
24-26 The Knowle, Bishop's Caundle, Dorset
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