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The Threadbone Corporation

fitness by threadbone

Once available only to the privileged habitués of the Scout Huts and Women's Institute Halls of Dorset, Threadbone Leisure Industries in association with Crown Magna Spas is proud to make available worldwide the multiple award winning Threadbone Fitness programme fitness the threadboneway (TM) "

Widely acclaimed by industry experts throughout the West Country, this seven day workout will keep you feeling tip-top and ready to face your busy life with high energy and renewed confidence.

Devised and presented by RSCBE scientific expert and fitness guru Audrey Badminton-Court, the easy to follow instructions will tone your body and sharpen your mind as first you first relax to the inspirational sound of Audrey's new age fusion incantations and then work up a good old sweat to the recently reclaimed music of Fernando Mediantepieza and his Latin Rhythm.

3 out of 10 Medical experts agree that, followed twice daily for several years and in conjunction with the thrupiecediet (TM) , weight loss and increased body tone are almost guaranteed; whilst the programme is proven to be highly effective in helping to stimulate those endorphins and other natural secretions known to help neutralise the greedygene(TM)


Endorsed by the DHRA and certified by the Dawlish Chamber of Commerce's Fitness Programme Evaluation Board for use by all adults and children over 23, fitness the threadboneway (TM) will revolutionise your life and body shape bringing romance back into even the stalest marriage.

in association with
BEFORE & AFTER: Dorset housewife Brenda Oats is living testimony to a "an exercise programme that really works". It altered not only her figure, but her face, voice and personality as well. Delighted husband Ray Oats adds "I can't believe she's the same person".
fitness the threadboneway(TM) 

fitness the threadboneway(TM) is available in several flexible plans especially designed to suit the needs of all clients.


The video is  available exclusively online and is quick and easy to install.  The video and programme are available on a licensed basis: each video is authorised for use by two close family members.  Multiple licenses are available on enquiry.

Home visits (unannounced) are part of the deal.


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