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AJTCorps  was founded by Mrs Amanda J Threadbone together with her husband (a necessarily and wisely silent partner) following the death of Professor Thrupiece with the express purpose of managing the late Professors affairs, fulfilling the terms of his legacy, asserting his rights and protecting his interests worldwide.

The original executrix of Professor Thrupiece's estate was his cousin Mrs Whisky McNightly, though she was quick to recognise that it was her sisiter-in-law Mrs Threadbone rather than she who had the drive, expertise and contact network necessary to effect the transformation of the enterprise from the Gemeinschaft basis upon which Professor Thrupiece had run his affairs to the Gesellschaft principles upon which any modern multinational corporation  must perforce operate.

Using experience gained from her establishment of the Dorset Historical Romance Association of which she was by now Honorary president for LIFE, together with skills acquired in complex (and in the end futile) negotiations with an ungrateful and recalcitrant Cambridge College regarding a spurned gift from the Thrupiece Estate, Mrs Threadbone quickly set about the major tasks of distributing and reinvesting the late Professor's assets - these included a small fortune, 2,300 unredeemed air miles and an experimental instant humus mix - and properly monetising the world famous but not yet universally recognised thrupiecediet.  The last of these was quickly accomplished by franchising the product to Threadbone Laboratories Ltd, a deft business transaction smoothed considerably by Mrs Threadbone's control of the former and ownership of the latter.  The considerable income which flowed from the newly invigorated enterprise was then channelled into other parts of the Threadbone Corporation as well as into various offshore enterprises in territories with tax-efficient vehicles.

A further step change in AJTCorps fortunes was engineered when a partnership was forged with The Hornimint Company which, having dipped its corporate toes into Threadbone waters through a DHRA sponsorship deal, later re-capitalised the company allowing flotation on the Stock Exchange in 2010.

An approach from the Royal Society of Culinary Bio-ethics to take over management of both its research and publications divisions was accepted in 2011, thus uniting two of the late Professor Thrupiece's lifelong interests.

Mrs Threadbone maintains a controlling share in all of the constituent parts of the hybrid organisation yet confesses to a particularly soft spot for her original AJTCorps.  It is she says "very close to my romantic heart".



AJTCorps logo. An assurance of quality

[TOP] AJTCorps futuristic offices at Great Heaving, Dorset

[BOTTOM} Reception area with award winning gender-neutral washrooms to the right

Humble beginnings: interior and exterior of the original AJTCorps Offices in Colehill

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