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Royal Society of CBEthics



The RCBE is the​ premier society devoted to the pursuit of  culinary bio-ethical research and publication.

Founded in 1965 by Professor Thrupiece and a close circle of colleagues including Dr Kenwood Cheffe, Dr F.C. Tranmere Rovers, Professor Mildred Sarong, and later Ms Audrey Badminton-Court, it was first housed in premises in Cambridge before moving into its state of the art experimental facility in Great Heaving, Dorset.

Its journal - The International Journal of Culinary Bio-ethics (IJCBE) - is published by The Threadbone Press and is widely considered to be the journal of record in the culinary bio-ethics field.  Many of Professor Thrupiece's most seminal works were first published in its pages, whilst its Annual RSCBE Conference Edition rapidly became the standard reference for those seeking the latest developments in the most digestible form.  Its current (and future) Editor-in-Chief is Mrs Amanda J Threadbone.

Each year the RSCBE organises a conference with the aim of bringing together under one roof culinary bio-ethicists from around the worlk.  Many of them have proven politically as well as academically significant, often taking place in the world's trouble spots and thereby focusing attention on burning issues of the day.  Conferences in, for example, Nairobi (1969), Havana (1967) and East Berlin (1989) were landmarks in this regard. [see various papers published in the 2016 volumes of the IJCBE and reprinted by the THREADBONE PRESS as "The Complete Thrupiece Papers 2016"]

Factional in-flighting at the 1967 Havana Conference led to a schism when opposition to the progressive wing amongst RSCBE members led Dr F.C. Tranmere Rovers to found a rival organisation the Royal College of Culinary Bio-ethicists (RCCBE) though this proved short-lived.  In 1969, the RCCBE sought a rapprochement with the RSCBE which the then President (Dr Gerd Braun) accepted in the most generous terms.

Membership of the RSCBE is determined by election. Many aspire but few are chosen.

The RSCBE' state-of-the-art Headquarters and Research facility at Great Heaving Dorset.  Institutional success and the increasingly technical demands of culinary bio-ethical research meant that the Society soon outgrew its Cambridge premises.

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