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The Hornimint Company

The Hornimint Company: A footprint on five continents.
The Hornimint Company

With operations spread across five continents, The Hornimint Company is one of the worlds largest manufacturing corporations and a global leader in the narcotically-enhanced after dinner mint market.

Exploiting a secret formula first developed by Adolphus T Hornimint in Arkanzas in 1885 in response to a "domestic crisis", the Company has expanded systematically into evening leisure consumables and now produces a range of products for the romantically challenged, in particular males with a jaded interest in their wives' and partners' inner secrets.  A major breakthrough came with the development of Hornimint Thins, the first non-injectable version of the formula.  By 1992, Hornimint had captured 98% of the UK market, a figure which rose to 99% in 2013 when it became official supplier to vending machines installed in the stringbonefellows' night club chain.  The Companyt was valued at $555 billion in 2015.

Hornimint first dipped its toes in Threadbone waters with its experimental sponsorship of the Dorset Historical Romance Association.  Rightly believing that the DHRA's promotion of romance and Hornimint's manufacture of romance enhancers created a natural synergy, the experiment proved a great success, in part due to Mrs Amanda J Threadbone's personal advocacy of the product (particularly after Mr Threadbone's demise and extensive road testing via Enrique the handsome Spanish ex-Boy Scout).  Thereafter, Hornimint invested heavily in several Threadbone Corporation enterprises, forming a long-term partnership with the thrupieceorganisation.  The joint enterprise is listed in the FTSE100 and NASDQ13.

Hornimint's interest in and sponsorship of the arts led to the establishment of Hornimint Records which, in collaboration with Threadbone Music and thrupiecefilm, has contributed immeasurably to the vitality of UK arts and has won many prestigious prizes including 3 EDNAs, 4 AMANDAs and the Thrupiece Prize for Outstanding Contribution to West Dorset Culture.

The original (now disused) Hornimint factory in Mountainburg, Arkansas built by Adolphus T Hornimint in 1886
The company's newest European manufacturing facility in Fiddleford opened in 2014
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