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thrutel: the birth of an era

In 2011, after three disappointments,  The Threadbone Corporation and partners DISA (Dorset International Space Agency) successfully launched, from their Dutch Antilles airbase, the first thrutel all-weather low orbiting hi-definition intelsat-telecoms bio-digital communications platform (ThAWLOBHdITibdcs) inaugurating an era of unparalleled satellite communications and high density space debris.

Orbiting at over 27 million miles per hour at an altitude of more than 15,000 feet, ThAWLOBHdITibdcs ONE, has made communications over a "wider than the west country area" possible and allowed, in the words of founding director and space pioneer N. Armstrong Threadbone, "regions to speak unto regions".

Exploiting the potential of ThAWLOBHdITibdcs ONE, various arms of the Threadbone Corporation have devised diverse consumer-based technologies to bring before the public information-rich content on a scale and of a breadth hitherto unimagined save by the most fevered brain. That very same brain now brings home entertainment into the 21st century.

The birth of an era: RIGHT Schematic of the launch of ThAWLOBHdITibdcs ONE, the Threadbone Corporation's first extra-terrestrial communications platform;

LEFT Threadbone Corporation satellite receiving dishes outside Litton Cheney, Dorset

Recognising the huge potential of ThAWLOBHdITibdcs ONE to bring peace and harmony to the world as well as exceptional profits to the parent organisation, Chief Executive Amanda J Threadbone issued a dictat in early 2016 that work should commence immediately on the design of a multimedia service to be beamed via the new satellite into the homes of the unsuspecting millions. As a result, Threadbone Corporation technicians have created thrupieceinteractive, an "on demand" subscription service from trusted media conglomerate thrupiecemedia.

Beamed from the company's all-weather low orbiting hi-def intelsat-telecoms bio-digital communications platform (AWLOBITibs), thrupieceinteractive makes available, via its innovative thriplayer, all the rich content hitherto locked in the archives of thrupiecefilm and thrupiecevideo. Never was the company's founding principle "to entertain, educate, inform and exploit" more winningly enshrined in a single multi-purpose open-reach project.

For a small monthly fee of £90 (UK and ROI only) subscribers can enjoy a world of interactive television (8 channels), radio (2 channels), video games (tbc), online gambling and take-away food.

Now, more than ever, there is little reason for the sedentarily-inclined to leave the comfort of their sofa as the outside world is beamed ©pre-filtered directly into any sitting room (condition apply, minimum floorspace 4 x 4 metres).  Watch what happens, wherever it happens and whenever it happens without moving a muscle: it's the ©thrupieceway 

For those looking for an even more complete package, relief from the unpleasant side effects of non-motion sickness and carpel-bottom "sofa-obesity" syndrome is available via both the ©thrupiecediet and ©fitnessthe threadboneway​ delivered directly to your home via the same integrated digital portal.

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