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Threadbone Ghostlocker

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Threadbone Ghostlocker​™

Threadbone Ghostlocker™ is the specialist ghost and supernatural fiction imprint of The Threadbone Press.

Bringing a wealth of expertise and the highest publishing standards to the ever-popular horror genre, the Threadbone Press's unrivalled roster of ghost-writing talent heralds a new "golden age" for British ghostwriting. With a catalogue of over nine books, Ghostlocker™ is set to become the number one destination for the ghoulish gourmet.


Exclusive to the Ghostlocker™ stable of writers are French master plotter Alexandre Dum-Ass, 4 times winner of the La Guilde des Ecrivains Français de Pays Ouest's  Linceul Blanc Award and two-times nominee for the Goathill Ghost-writers Ghost Fiction Baton. Other Threadbone authors include household names Amy WInecellar, E Tonian, Sir Rising Tide, Andrea Cameltoe, Sir Arthur Conman-Boyle, Isaac Asitov, Bodyce Ripper, Loosly Wordly and Susanna Lipbalm.


Published in Hardback, Softback and Chilledspine™ versions, Ghostlocker™ in a one-stop-shop for lovers of mystery, intrigue and dark deeds: a cornucopia of content for the ghost-hungry genre guzzler and afrightened aficionado of all things that go bump in the night. 


Threadbone Ghostlocker™ continues a tradition of publishing which stretches back to the earliest days of the Threadbone Press. OPPOSITE: An array of publications (c199-2016) from The Threadbone Press Archives the craftsmanship of which continues to inspire; ABOVE: Original concept art by design student, Amy Courtauld-Institute, for the first edition of A Christmas Ghost by Professor Brian Thrupiece which, according to author, "was not remotely the sort of thing I had in mind".


Amy Courtauld-Institute's  second attempt which was "if such things are possible, is even more inept and clichéd than the first." Perhaps inevitably, it was the favoured image.

Thrupiece Ghost
Professor Thrupiece's Horribly True Pieces

By common consent one of the spookiest master-plotters of the well-crafted ghost story, Professor Thrupiece's classic collection of spine-tingling tales rightly heads the list of Ghostlocker™ reprints.  Originally published in 1969, these Horribly True Pieces richly exploit all of the classic narrative devices of the mature Victorian ghost story. Dorset Ghostwriter's Monthly rightly identified the Professor as "the true heir of M R James, E F Benson and others" adding only that "however, he is less prolific, less scary and less worth reading".

Whether read in groups around the fireside [as originally intended] or - more chillingly - read alone, few will remain unmoved by these scary tales of poltergeist pyrotechnics, spirit manifestation, kinetic manipulation and inexplicable extra-sensory communication.

Expect the unexpected and fear the worst in the company of one of yesterday's master story-tellers.

The Christmas Ghost - a Threadbone

Ghostlocker Classic

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