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In 2011, J Arthur Thrupiece (CEO of Threadbone Industries (US) Inc), spearheaded a bold move into the world of film and wide-screen digital multimedia, buying a Polaroid ID2020 Full HD Camcorder (Black) to enable the transition.


Specialising in large budget made-for-cinema blockbuster releases produced at its Great Heaving Studios, thrupiecefilm also invested heavily in advanced post-production facilities in Girton, Cambridge (Girton Non-Industrial Light & Magic); Gussage St Michael, Dorset (thrupiecedigital soundstage) and Marin County, California (thrupiece digi-audio systems).  Increasing technical facility freed thrupiecefilm's impressive roster of creative talent so that its output became simultaneously more lavish, more ambitious and even more vacuous.


Its latest cinema release, J Arthur Thrupiece's "And Suddenly It's Christmas" will reach the big screen in December 2016, after a world premiere screening at The Orpheon, Lyme Regis on 1st December.

DHRA  members may view a special "Romance" edition of this Trailer here

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