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Hornimint Records is the analogue and digital recording arm of The Hornimint Company. Originally a manufacturer of enhanced chocolate based products for the discerning, the Company was drawn into the sponsorship field as part of its drive to penetrate difficult to access niches in the apres dejeuner market.  One such was the DHRA through which the company involved itself in the affairs not only of the Association's output, but also in supporting financially selected services offered by AJTCorps, The Threadbone Press, thrupiecevideo and thrupiecefilm.  A major commitment followed the acquisition of thrupiecefilm and the founding of Girton Non-industrial Light and Magic.

Hornimint Records specialises in releases for the Romance and Christmas markets as well as the film soundtracks produced for thrupiecefilm.  It has formed an especially close relationship with Dorset ex-child prodigy and "still coming man" (West Dorset Women Only Magazine) Addinsell Threadbone. His Requiem for Brian was an early but alas now almost completely lost release.

Hornimint Records are available as digital downloads from © HORNIstream, the Company's digital portal.

Hornimint Records’ state-of-the-art studios opened in April 2009 [BOTTOM]. One of the label’s first releases was an 8 track stereo recording of the Sanctus from Addinsell Threadbone’s Requiem for Brian. Audrey Badminton-Court assists chief engineer Edison Thrupiece. The safety of Hornimint's advanced recording equipment was first tested on volunteers in Hornimint’s NorthAmerican Bell Laboratories [TOP] Photos © Hornimint Records 2009

Newly Re-mastered and Re-issued


from Addinsell Threadbone’s Requiem for Brian. HORNI69

Audiophile Release

 Threadbone: Ocarina Concerto


Tone Poem "Bare Regis"


Audiophile Release

Neujahrkonzert from Dorchester 2017


HORNIMINT RECORDS is proud to announce the first release in its new long-term recording partnership with legendary music and sound experimentalist Briony ENO.  Her new audio-concept album   "Simultaneous Medleys for the Temporally Challenged" revisits the vast repertory of Christmas music (both secular and sacred) recombining familiar sounds and creating, through rigorous Fibernace Series analysis and  transformation, stunning new sound worlds.


Demotic by nature, Briony's art is also wholly pragmatic and so the album is especially designed for - and will be invaluable to - the busy housewife who hasn't time to listen to music (let alone catch the festive mood) whilst she shops, decorates, cooks and cleans the house in preparation for her husband's well-earned rest and enjoyment of a great family Christmas!


This endlessly fascinating project will fill the day with festive cheer but leave even the most inadequate housewife time to make all those preparations necessary to guarantee a stress free family feast .

Listen to an extract from Track 4 "Americana" here

Hornimint records is especially proud to announce, in collaboratiom with the Threadbone Corporation, the international release of Welcome to my World: A 50th Wedding Anniversary Tribute to Mrs Amanda J Threadbone. Especially assembled under the curatorship of Mrs Amanda J Threadbone herself, this breathtaking collection of treasurable songs is both a celebration of Mrs Threadbone's 50th Wedding Anniversary and a chance to sample some of the most beautiful music to be found in the Hornimint Records Collections.

Selected from across the range of the NOSTALGIA and CLASSICAL catalogues this memento of a great occasion will thrill and inspire, encouraging all who listen to live as Mrs Threadbone herself does, treating every day as an opportunity to grow, to nurture what is true  and to make money hand over fist regardless of the consequences for others.  


  ***** The Dorset Self-Made Woman Magazine

Available now from the orinoco store

HORNIMINT NOSTALGIA is a specialist label dedicated to the restoration and re-release of iconic pop albums from the 1950s and 1960s.  It seeks out and lovingly reprocesses, using patent hornigroove™ technology, albums now long forgotten by the public but once thought acceptable to a crowd whose ears had already been fatally compromised by drink, drugs and unprotected sex.

Early releases focus on the work of pioneering self-promoted "Dorset Surf King" Ziggy Osmington.  Four albums have appeared thus far: two featuring Ziggy with his original band and co-habitees The Belle Ends and two with his later group The Boners.

Hornimint records is dedicated to restoring more classics such as these once they can be sourced from charity shops, skips and asylum collections nationwide.

PLEASE NOTE: For those who grew up with vinyl and remember it not as an audiophile experience but as a pain in the arse, these albums are also available for half the price and in twice the quality as CDs and/or digital downloads.


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