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Established in 2005 from funds legally acquired from the late Professor Thrupiece's estate, thrupiecevideo was an early pioneer in the "made-for-television" and "straight-to-video" markets.  

Initially it worked closely with the DHRA making short romantic mystery adventures (often by Association favourite Rowena Westlake) under the inspired direction of Dorset cinematographer Cranford Styles.  These were generally timed for the Christmas market and capitalised the Company sufficiently to enable it to buy a digital work station.


A later injection of cash from the Hornimint Company allowed thrupiecevideo to expand in to the whole of the West Country, whilst links through the parent company to Orinoco Film and Swiss Canton Digital made thrupiecevideo a "household" name in South America and Basle respectively.

thrupiecevideo was responsible for launching the careers of - amongst many others - Eleanor d'Acquitaine, Brandy Mercedes and art director Neva Laida Fingeroner, as well as (briefly) those of teen-idols Jason Stourpaine and Jennifer-Aniston Threadbone. An early scene in "Lost in a Fog" [now lost itself] featured a near naked Camilla Indoor-Bowls, despite which the film was not a commercial success.  


Reliance on Threadbuster Video for distribution was not, Company founder and CEO Mrs Amanda Threadbone later admitted "the smartest move".

The Threadbuster Video Rentals chain was the brainchild of Elia Stourpaine and was intended to provide a vital link between thrupiecevideo and its target audience ("the huddled masses living lives of quiet desperation" Book of Brian, 2001).  Quickly recognising shortcomings in the conventional television broadcast media model, Threadbuster aimed to satisfy the discerning viewer who "knew what he wanted and wanted it now ... preferably discreetly wrapped ".
The first branch opened in Corfe Castle and thereafter, Hinton Parva, Fifehead Neville, Osmington, Ryall, Shapwick, Iwerne Courtney, Melbury Bubb, Canford Cliffs and Goathill. At its height it was lending more than 30 VHS Cassettes per week.
Identifying an obvious synergy, The Threadbone Corporation used the Threadbuster chain to distribute its franchised and hugely popular thrupiecediet(TM) range, providing customers with a one-stop food and entertainment facility.  Even so, over-reliance on thrupiecevideo productions proved Threadbuster's undoing and the chain closed in 2013.  The Cranford Cliffs branch enjoys an occasional rebirth as pop-up Christmas wrapping paper outlet.
Based on Rowena Westlake's best selling novel "It Happened One Summer" (DHRA | The Threadbone Press, 1997) It Happened One Summer announced thrupiecevideo to the world. After a premiere in the Regal, Long Critchel, it went straight to video.  The image is of the video cover (redacted) for copyright reasons.
Also based on a Rowena Westlake's novel Incident in Mayfair" (thrupiecevideo 2012) was not so successful
Threadbuster Outlet, Canford Cliffs: The fragility of the chain's marketing model was cruelly exposed through the release on video only of several thrupiecefilm productions.  Briefly rescued by a franchise of the thrupiecediet "click-and-collect" facility, all the Threadbuster retail outlets stores are now closed.

Action in the Sheriff's Court (Beaminster) has determined that no liability for the closure of the Threadbuster RetailVideo Rentals Outlet rests with Threadbuster Retail Ltd or any other associated company of the Threadbone Corporation.  Any customer with an outstanding claim is referred to The Schedule of Terms and Conditions (Threadbuster Video Rentals Ltd) (2003) wherein they will find no satisfaction.
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