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BRIAN PEMBERTON CHARLEYWOOD THRUPIECE was born on 1st April 1940 and educated first at The Grammar School Batcombe (Dorset) and later at Magdalene College, Cambridge, from which he graduated in 1961 with a 3rd class degree in Biochemistry.  Being outstandingly bright by the College’s standards, he was encouraged to undertake research under the influence and patronage of Dr Kenwood Cheffe, Cambridge’s leading bio-ethics pioneer.  Brian gave an able defence of his thesis “Household fluff: a viable dietary staple in times of conflict” (monetarization of his findings via The thrupiecediet™ provided the basis of his later wealth) and he was awarded the PhD degree in 1964. After Cambridge he taught in various institutions, bringing a strong physical presence and an even stronger sense of bemusement to generations of students first in the The Technical College of Danang (Demonstrator and University Assistant Lecturer 1964-1968); and later at the Polytechnic Institute of Yazd (University Lecturer 1968-1984); the University of Cobija (Senior Lecturer 1984-1996) and the Institute for Advanced Research Toormakeady (Tuar Mhic Éadaigh) (Ciaran Pierre-Wok Professor of Culinary Bioethics 1997-2004).  He was a founder member of the Royal Society of Culinary Bio-ethics (RSCBE).



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The Professor in characteristic mode: off to a conference [the last-known picture]

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