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Ladybone Books

Ladybone Books

Ladybone books is the division of THE THREADBONE PRESS dedicated to the indoctrination of children whose parents are wholly incapable of bringing them up properly by teaching decent manners, approved social attitudes and basic hand/toilet hygiene.

Improving fictional stories nestle happily in the catalogue alongside heroic biographies and inspirational true life stories.  Science based titles (sponsored by the RSCBE) introduce younger readers to important topics of the day with a clear underlying message that Culinary Bio-ethics matter.

A secondary series aimed at older children addresses the everyday traumas of adolescence and tries to encourage those inclined to too much solitude and self-examination to "choose the right pathway and renounce fuzzy thinking'.  Created under the supervision of DHRA doctor and childhood ethics expert Dr Aaron Zeig-Heiler, the series is RSCB approved and comes with a tester kit.

The entire library is offered at a heavily discounted rate to teachers, parents who know they are inadequate and social workers specialising in children with judgement disorders and prudence issues.

Ladybone Books are carefully censored, crafted by ©threadbone craftprint and presented in ©threadbone digital largeprint.  They are available as digital downloads from © threadbone craftprint via their online digital portal.

THE THREADBONE PRESSES THROUGH THE AGES: TOP LEFT the original press once installed in Professor Thrupiece's Cambridge rooms and now in the Thrupiece Museum of Design and Technology; BOTTOM LEFT Arkwright Threadbone, Mrs Threadbone's father-in-law- labours at his craft; ABOVE threadbone craftprint presses bring stunning definition to digital largeprint editions. Photos © Threadbone Press 2016

The Ladybone Books Logo: a reassuring symbol of bigotry and poor parenting down the years

Brian's Good Deed

new for Christmas 2016

LBB 002

Brian's Good Deed

Join Brian and his friends Edna and Amanda in another improving tale especially designed for impressionable youngsters.

Jetting off to a small island far away, plucky Brian and his chums take on a bearded revolutionary as well as a comic Russian politician as they try to improve the bio-ethical species diversity of this special little place.

Suitable for ages 13 and above.

Amanda Writes a Letter

even newer for Christmas 2016

LBB 001

Amanda Writes A Letter

Join Amanda in another improving tale especially designed for impressionable youngsters.

A somewhat solitary and cerebral young lady, Amanda has ambitions to be a great publisher and so one day writes a letter to the Bursar of Magdalene College, Cambridge to seek his kindly and insightful advice. Read with suprise the outcome of her audacious act!

Suitable for girls aged 13 and above

Edna Takes Charge

newer still for Christmas 2016

LBB 003

Edna takes Charge

Join Edna in another instructive and morally improving tale especially designed for impressionable youngsters with inadequate parents.

Increasingly irritated by her cousin Brian's fixation on becoming a famous Professor of Culinary bio-ethics and her feckless single mother's wayward lifestyle, plucky Edna decides to take charge!

Suitable for girls aged 13 and above

Brian, Edna and Amanda Do Christmas

the latest in the Seasonal Festivities Explained series

LBB 106

Brian, Edna and Amanda Do Christmas

Join our favourite friends as they negotiate the delights and challenges of Christmas saddled with a feckless single mother and her friend Donald.

Excited by the prospect of relishing the joys of our Saviour's birth but worried about the bio-ethical and ecological implications of non-recyclable packaging, Brian, Edna and Amanda must try their best to survive the festive season!

Suitable for girls and (some) boys aged 13 and above

Brian, Goes to Switzerland

the latest in the Ladybone Ethical Travel series

LBB 004

Brian Goes to Switzerland

Join Brian and his new friend Shelley-Lulette as they go off on adventure to Switzerland.  

Bored by an endless series of failed culinary-bio-ethical experiments and concerned about changes in his friend Amanda, Brian goes off in search of adventure only to discover smelly foreigners, strange hotel lifts and an even stranger group of FIFA executives

Suitable for girls and (some) boys aged 13 and above

Brian's Book of Interesting Buildings

new for Christmas 2017

LBB 0067

Brian's Book of Interesting Buildings

Join Brian as he explores the exciting world ofmodern  modern buildings and explore for yourself the many associations (good and not so good) which particular buildings have for him.

Royal Dorset Society of Arts approved this challenging but wholesome tale has much to offer child and reader alike.
Suitable for parents aged 16 and above
Brian's Book

Let's Turn Roger Into ...

new for Christmas 2019

LBB 0068

Let's Turn Roger Into ...

Join Roger as he learns to understand and deal with the issues that confront a young man on the brink of adolescence.  Learn with him as he explores his sexuality, place in society and career prospects and delight in this frank, sympathetic and helpful guide to growing up in modern Dorset.

Royal Dorset Institute for Children’s Health [Guy’s Marsh] approved this challenging but wholesome tale has much to offer child and reader alike.
Suitable for parents aged 16 and above
Let's Turn Roger Into
Ladybone Flip Books

Ladybone Flipbooks™ is the latest innovation from THE THREADBONE PRESS.  Using our patent Flip™ engine families (max 2 children) can now enjoy their favourite adventures in an even more engaging form.  Flip the pages and follow Brian, Edna and Amanda as they journey through life improving themselves, their flawed relatives and even the world!

Subscriptions to this service start from as little as £20 per month or £250 per year.


Reggie's Perfect Day

new for Christmas 2019

LBB 101

Cover Ii.png

The Hotel Dog

new for Christmas 2019

LBB 102

Reggie's Perfect Day by Florrie Fishwick

Poor Reggie, a neglected and forgotten little boat is rescued and restored by a group of friends in this loveable tale by one of Ladybone's favourite authors. A delightful story of redemption which packs a moral punch and which children of all ages will adore, it is suitable for public as well as private reading and is a must for any parent with children who need a jolly good reading to!.
The Hotel Dog by Polly Anthus​

Adult favourite Polly Anthus famed for her perfect understanding of Greece, its landscape and people, turns her considerable mind to children's literature for the first time and comes up with a gem! The Hotel Dog is a moving and sweet tale of redemption through animal welfare and is a must for anyone who loves Greece, hotels, dogs or children's literature!



The Tale of Mr Cockle and Mrs Tinkle

new for Christmas 2019

LBB 103

The Tale of Mr Cockle and Mrs Tinkle by Botox Porter

Favourite Victorian authoress and celebrity spinster Botox Porter first published The Tale of Mr Cockle and Mrs Tinkle in 1887.  This much-loved tale was Selfridge's equivalent of a "bestseller" staying in the Favourite Books by Celebrity Victorian Spinsters Cart until 1943 when it was displaced by The Troublesome Two Give Do One To Adolf.  Newly re-illustrated and "updated" for a modern audience,  The Tale of Mr Cockle and Mrs TInkle is a must-have for the Christmas stocking!!
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