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Threadbone Audiobooks

Threadbone Audiobooks™ are available in digital download format for uploading directly onto a digital upload audio device of your choice.  Wirth over three titles to choose from the world of audio books is yours.  Threadbone audiobooks offer "a window into a world of learning hitherto available only to those who can read" East Dorset Bookseller

Threadbone Audiobooks™

Threadbone Audiobooks™ are scientifically designed and artistically conceived to bring the greatest works of The Threadbone Press to a new, lazier and more philistine audience.

Designed for those whose busy lifestyle and lack of elementary education prevents them from sitting down and actually reading a book, Threadbone audiobooks are a major step in disseminating both fiction and non-fiction to the "can't be arsed, I haven't got time, its probably boring" generation.

Carefully selected from the vast Threadbone Catalogue, each book is beautifully presented in unabridged readings - often by the authors themselves or by a well known personality - and is available either as a digital download or in analogue form via the revolutionary Thrupiece "LP format™" (Typically 148 LPs in a purpose-designed wooden cabinet.)

With atmospheric sound-effects to enhance the "wrap-around"™ multi-dimensional, multi-dynamic, multi-environment experience, enjoy the world of books without the inconvenience of books and enter the world of knowledge via the patent Threadbone painfree listening environment™.

Ever heard friends discussing the latest bestseller and felt excluded by want of effort, intelligence and time?  Suffer no longer.  Enter the world of Threadbone Audiobooks and join the conversation!

Just one of the exciting new releases available at launch on 148 LPs

The THREADETTE™: A convenient mobile player for Threadbone Audiobook LPs

Threadbone Audiobooks: A boon to the Illiterate 

New Releases

Death on Four Wheels

In the fast world of Grand Prix racing, death is no stranger, but when top driving ace and potential world champion Dave Clark-Five is found dead under his car in the Team Trabant garage, suspicion falls on his "friends" as well as his rivals.  But is team Boss Ken Squirrel all that he seems and why was Dave seen leaving his rival Enzo Testerono's girlfriend's flat with a super-hybrid power chain and single wishbone suspension unit tucked under his arm only hours before?
It's time for Inspector Allardyce to enter the high octane world of motorsport, but can he solve the baffling locked-garage crime before the chequered flag falls ....? 

Listen to an extract here

Audio Download

Death on Four Wheels

new for 2017

TAB 001

Death Takes A Cruise
Yannis Acropolis has everything: money, women and a lifestyle to match his billionaire pockets.  But when opera diva Maria Careless joins him and his rich Russian friends on a cruise to the Dodecanese, more than the champagne is set to pop.  Following a badly botched excursion ashore to buy a small Toblerone and a Special Edition Mint Aero goes wrong, Yannis finds that he must act fast, before his past catches up with him. With jealous impresario Mauricio Pongelatero waiting in the wings and the world premiere of Addinsell Threadbone's "Three Little Pigs" only days away,  death is a certain visitor.  
Taking a well deserved holiday on a nearby island, Inspector Allardyce soon finds his lounging days are over and its back on the job!
Audio Download
He Came Upon The Midnight Clear
Rowena Westlake's new captivating tale of romance with its Christmastide setting is the ideal read for lovers of Christmastide Romances this Christmas.  The latest in the DHRA's modern historical romance series it is bound to be a hit with DHRA members and the more intelligent members of the general public alike.  Carrying the controversial new logo of the Society which signals that it is aimed at the "adult" market (over 18s though there is no longer a discount for the bicurious over 60s) the novel will challenge some readers though as always the name Rowena Westlake guarantees that most readers will be able to finish satisfactorily.

Listen to an extract here

Audio Download

Death Takes a Cruise

new for 2017


He Came Upon The Midnight Clear

new for 2017


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