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Threadbone Laboratories

manufacturers of the thrupiecediet™

Keeping the Flame

Widely acknowledged as one of the world's leading research institutes, The Threadbone Laboratories were founded in 2007 following the Threadbone Corporation​'s acquisition of all rights in and patents for the thrupiecediet™.  Since that time, development of the diet has remained a high priority with profits from its sales being divided on a 50:50 basis between the parent company (commercial) and the Laboratories (charitable research).  Both are registered in the Maldives.  In 2015 the Laboratories were moved to state-of-the-art facilities in the Threadbone Corporation's Great Heaving Complex.

The mission of the Laboratories and the inspiration behind all of its work remains that of keeping alive the flame of research lit by the late Professor Thrupiece and nourished in his lifetime by his dedicated team of collaborators including Audrey Badminton-Court for whom the Laboratories' atrium is named.  The work of the Laboratories is independently monitored by the RSCBE under its Executive Ethics Investigative Chair Mrs Amanda J Threadbone.

Threadbone Old Labs Horiz Small copy.png
Interior and Exterior of the original Thrupiece Laboratories overseen by the Threadbone Laboratories after Professor Thrupiece's demise.  The premises served the needs of its scientists until 2015 when the scope and complexity of their work far exceeded the facility's capacity. The building itself is now subject to a preservation order and there are plans to erect a Blue Plaque in the near future.

Apart from its continuing development of thrupiecediet™ related products, Threadbone Laboratories also undertake research into:

  • the delivery of forensic analysis and the provision of expert witness testimony in civil and criminal cases

  • advanced photographic and allied digital enhancement techniques

  • animal research including the testing of controversial cosmetic and other products

  • non-organic agricultural research*

  • non-environmentally friendly approaches to energy production and consumption

  • culinary bioethical standardisation*

  • euthanasia

  • nanocooking technologies

  • thrupiecetable™ elaborations*

  • rocket fuel research solutions

  • digital solutions research

  • People and Change Logistical Delivery solutions

  • West Country Morris Dancers brain chemistry solutions

  • solutions

  • advanced solutions

  • blueskies solutions

  • unthinkable solutions*

Thrupiece Laboratories interior.  To the left is the Audrey Badminton-Court Atrium. The state-of-the-art facility is located on the far eastern side of the Threadbone Corporation's Great Heaving Complex and is a joint venture between the Threadbone Corporation and the RSCBE
Two pages from a manuscript of Professor Thrupieces's (c 1961) containing calculations and original apparatus sketches - both associated with his groundbreaking work on the genetic modification of fluff: the bedrock of what we know today as the thrupiecediet™.  The complete manuscript is lost but these fragments are now safely archived in the Threadbone Laboratories Building.
Widely regarded as the world's leading weight-loss product, the thrupiecediet™ was developed in Cambridge in the early 1960s and arose from Professor Thrupiece's pioneering PhD research into the nutritional value of Household Fluff (0.003thru). Originally marketed as the Cambridge Diet™ it was rebranded following a copyright ruling in the High Court.

Commercialised fully in the late 1960s it rapidly supplanted all other airborne substance-based supplement plans after official adoption by the UK Government for use in times of conflict (British overseas territories only).

The thrupiecediet™ is now manufactured and licensed exclusively by Threadbone Laboratories plc.

Each carefully planned meal consists of a naturally extracted nutritional powder rehydrated and eaten from the packet. Early versions of the product came only in "ready-salted" flavour, though later varieties include cheese and onion, sea salt and balsamic vinegar, roast chicken, sweet thai chilli, and prawn cocktail.  A fish-paste variety is available for overweight pescatarians and a chickpea filler for vegetarians who rarely need it.  Sweetened varieties (custard, butterscotch and strawberry) were developed for the three-course meal plan.

The thrupiecediet™was given a huge boost when Slimming Magazine voted it best product at the 2012 Slimmers' World Convention in Jakarta, whilst the spectacular 12 stone weight loss claimed by X Factor Star Shakira Knightly boosted sales worldwide in 2014 (see The Sun, June 9 2014).

The basic dietary plan has been complemented over the years by a series of vitamin, mineral and essential oil supplements, whilst in 2015 a highly successful children's range was introduced in an effort to combat infant obesity.

It is certified by WHO as effective in combating all types of self-indulgent food dependencies and neutralising the greedygene™

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