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A coffee obsession often starts with the latte. Smooth and creamy, it combines the subtle strength of espresso (rich roast arabica naturally!) with freshly steamed Threadbone Farms milk.  Delicious!
(especially with a Threadbucks Luxury Bakewell Slice)
Quality in a Cup



VENUE: Threadbucks Coffee House,

                                Compton Abbas

DATES: 10 April 2017

I remember my first cup of Threadbucks -  a rich cortado - so well.  Up until then coffee for me was either instant at home or a distant memory of some frothy white concoction in a clear pyrex cup in a milk bar in Lyme Regis whilst listening to Ziggy and the Belle Ends on the jukebox in about 1959.  When I smell that rich cortado now it reminds me of my late husband.  He used to like to give me one every Saturday and afterwards we'd have coffee.

                              Mrs T (Great Heaving)

I remember my first cup of Threadbucks -  a creamy latte - so well.  I'd just been down the bus shelter with Wayne who I was seeing at the time.  He'd just told me I was a fat cow and that unless I lost a few pounds he wasn't going to do me any more.  So I went to Threadbucks and I was like upset.  I thought well I'd better have a skinny latte then and then I thought well fuck it and fuck Wayne - I'll have a creamy one.  And I did.

                                    Brenda O (Knowlton)

I remember my first cup of Threadbucks -  an intense espresso - so well.  I had been helping my employer to fix his mini-tractor when he he took me by surprise from behind.   I was tightening his nuts at the time so it was a shock.  I remembered that a hot drink was good for shock so I went to the nearest Threadbucks and downed a quick one.  To this day I still feel sick every time I smell black coffee.

                                          Enrique (Albufera)

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