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Threadbone Non-Fiction


Scene of the Crime
Scene of the Crime​ flipped

The disappearance of Professor Brian Thrupiece whilst attending a Culinary Bioethical Conference in Geneva, Switzerland in the spring of 2004. Countless volumes have been written about it (even a Children’s Book) and hardly a month passes without some sensational story or other appearing in the press and written more often than not by opportunists happy to make a fast buck out of what remains a tragic story.

Here for the first time comes a hemi-demi-semi-autobiographical account of those traumatic events written by someone wjho may or may not have been there and who has been a "person of interest" to Swiss Authorities (L’Autoritees Suisse) ever since.

Thinly disguised as a novel, Shelley Lulette Sizemore's book deserves its Threadbone Non-fiction status if only for the insightful introduction written by none other than Inspecteur Cherché La Femme (Chef de Police Suisse and leading investigator at the time of the Thrupiece disappearance).

Professor Thrupiece & the Nipple​ flipped

Now in its greatly expanded second edition, Professor Thrupiece and the Nipple remains the definitive book for anyone interested in the development of the Professor's art or for the casual reader just looking for highbrow coffee-table soft porn.  Ideal for browsing or toilet reading (tissues not supplied), this lavishly illustrated volume comes with an explicit warning but with very little text by Thrupiece expert Conran Prurient. Admirers of Ms Sizemore who can't wait to see more of her should make a grab for it whilst they can.


Thrupiece & the Nipple
Serif of Nottington

The Serif of Nottington flipped

The Serif of Nottington tells the fascinating story of the evolution of the much loved modern fault commonly known as "Professor Thrupiece".  Written by those at the heart of the story - typographers and graphic designers Charles and Maurice MacPro - this lavishly illustrated volume will be of interest to all who want to know more about the art and science which lies behind good design.  They will then want to read a book which properly meets their needs.


Painting the Cotswolds flipped

Part of the "Painting ...." series from THREADBONE ARTs, this latest edition to The Professor Thrupiece Art Starter Collections is designed to encourage the hapless, hopeless and clueless into dabbling in the endlessly fascinating hobby western civilization calls "Art".  Skilfully assembled by Shelley-Lulette Sizemore - pupil, muse and horizontal jogging partner of the great Professor Thrupiece himself - from photographs taken on a recent tour of the area, the book continues the great instructional tradition laid down by Professor Thrupiece in his tragically short lifetime.  Ms Sizemore is Senior Course Tutor at the Thrupiece Open College [HERE]. Other Books in the series include: Painting The South Coast, Painting Threadboneville, Painting Majorca, Painting Ibiza, Painting Bournemouth & Berlin


Painting the Cotswolds

The Professor's Guides: I: Modern Day Appliances [Home Entertainment]

by Amanda J Threadbone

This lavishly illustrated guide - with a stunningly-witty commentary by Mrs Amanda J Threadbone - is a must for all those who either want a nostalgic wander down hi-tech memory lane or just want to know what made their parent's "tune in and turn off" back in the 1950s.  The first in a projected series, it aims to be a guide for the novice and an aide memoire to the initiated.


                                                                    “A tour de force.  the cover alone is worth the price of admission”                                                                                                                                                                                        THE EAST DORSET HI-TECH MONTHLY


                                                         “A cracking read.  Made me dig out my Bell and Howell Super-8”                                 

                                                                                                                                                                      SAD SACK, CORFE MULLEN                                                      

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