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Mrs Threadbone's "Delightful" Christmas Portrait

In a startling break from tradition, Mrs Amanda J Threadbone's annual "intimate portrait" features, for the first time, an interior of her delightful home. In previous years lucky DHRA subscribers have been given glimpses either of the exterior of her 1.2 acre estate or of one of the items in the Pole-less Late Mr Threadbone Memorial Tractor Museum.

Keen to play down any suggestion that this year's more intimate offering signals a de-formalisation of the AJTCorps CEO's relationship with her "adoring" public, spokeswoman Prunella Clutch-Bagg stressed that it had always been Mrs Threadbone's intention to share such a scene with her public once "proper security procedures had been put in place". The statement was widely interpreted as meaning that police are confident that local trouble maker and one-time Threadbone stalker Myanmar Shadow (86 and of no fixed ability) is no longer considered an active threat.

The 12" x 8" picture by Kimmeridge Evening Post staff photographer Dierdre Eastman-Kodakawzcki features Mrs Threadbone's spare sitting room . It is published by the Threadbone Press and printed using the Threadbonesuperlitho method on stiffened card. Lawyers have confirmed that it is suitable for framing.

Mrs Threadbone's delightful home.  On the right can be seen the late Professor Thrupiece's Snow Shoes

Mrs Threadbone's home featured in a portrait by Dierdre Eastman-Kodakawzcki. Released by the AJTCorps CEO as a gesture of Christmas good will, its intimacy has surprised even industry insiders. Prominent on the right hand side are the late Professor Thrupiece's snow shoes or "dancing mules" as he preferred to call them.

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