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Just The Thing For Those Ladies Who Liquid-Lunch

The Threadbone Press is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its acquisition of Ladybone Books - the children's imprint which prides itself on its "old-fashioned" improving educational output - with the publication of a lavishly re-illustrated edition of Botox Porter's Mr Cockle and Mrs Tinkle. Aimed at 4-16-year-old children, the Ladybone catalogue is specially designed for those intelligent but hideously entitled children who's parents' insistence on "negotiation" over and above moral and behavioural guidance is the scourge of our modern age. Many volumes even come with wipe-clean bistro™ covers designed to prevent the kind of accidental damage that frequently occurs when unattended little Oscar careens around the glassware whilst Fiona chats nonchalantly unaware with other mums at Bodegas 'R Us on the High Street.

The only known photograph of Botox Porter [aged 12] with brother Bantam, father Ruprecht and mother Unwellyn. Her typically Victorian upbringing made her a reserved figure who "freaked out" only occasionally. A recent biography of the author claims, however, that the relatively silent Mrs Tinkle displays all the angst of a repressed Victorian spinster.

First published in 18887 Mr Cockle and Mrs Tinkle rapidly became a Number 1 bestseller despite some rather amateur illustration by Ms Botox herself. ["A better author than an illustrator and a better seamstress than both", Chalbury Children's Choice, June 1887.] The republished version is altogether bigger, bolder and brighter thanks to startlingly vivid artwork from well-known source Ms Getty Image - a close relative of famous photographer Hulton Piktur-Lybry. A spokesperson for the publishers - Cas Uistry - says they have made only minor alterations to the text to "enhance understanding and remove any sense of jingoistic militarism".

The new, heavily revised, edition of Mr Cockle and Mrs Tinkle is available from Threadstones, the orinoco store and directly from the Ladybone worldwide interweb digital portal [HERE]. It makes an ideal Christmas present for any child but particularly for the "just visiting for Christmas, he's a sweetie really" grandchild that you would rather Laurence and Jasmina hadn't had.

The new edition of the classic Tale of Mr Cockle and Mrs Tinkle. Publishers Ladybone books deny accusations of bowing to political correctness in this heavily bowdlerised version.

Another opportunity to download Mr Cockle and Mrs Tinkle direct from the publisher HERE

Ladybone Flipbook™ HERE

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