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£175 per bottle

£1,750 per case plus p&p

Chateaux Hazelbury Bryan 2017

The Threadbone Winery


Grand Premier Cru, this award winning wine is the showpiece of The Threadbone Winery.  A product of the rich deep soils of the Dorset countryside it reeks of the countryside and quality.  Dark purple hued with a distinctive taste of blackberry, apple, peat, tarmac and pot pourri, it is a wine for the connoisseur and perfect with beef dripping or sandwish spread..

£69 per bottle

£690 per case plus p&p

Chateaux Sixpenny Handley 2017

The Threadbone Winery

This award winning wine is another fine example of The Threadbone Winery's handcrafted produce at its second best.  A product of the chalkier soils of the Winniford Valley it is a chirpy yet unpretentious wine lighter on the palette than the pocket. Deep red in hue with a distinctive taste of black pudding, strawberry, arrowroot and gunpowder with an aftertaste of cabbage, it is part of the affordable range and the perfect compliment to curried polenta.

£99 per bottle

£990 per case plus p&p

Chateaux Sutton Poyntz 2017

The Threadbone Winery


A refreshing rose blended from several Dorset grape varieties, this superb product of the Char Uplands is satisfyingly light in colour and texture and perfect for Welsh Rarebit or Marmite Fritters. Borage, peanut and euthymol overtones blend with hints of hickory and pumpernickel to produce a marvellously balanced and supremely affordable wine suitable for quaffing with friends. Extraordinary value by the case.

£115 per bottle

£1,150 per case plus p&p

Chateaux Tarrant Launceton 2017

The Threadbone Winery


The perfect picnic wine, this product of the Simene Valley is everything a white wine lover could desire. With cement and charcoal overtones and a strong hint of wet grass, it is the perfect companion for a ham sandwich or a mustard humus dip. Available for a limited period only, it will keep until the summer for those festive barbecue occasions when the days grow longer and tempers shorter.  Suitable for drinking alone (as well as with or without food).

£195 per bottle

£1,950 per case plus p&p

Chateaux Corfe Mullen 2017

The Threadbone Winery


The original special reserve which made the name of The Threadbone Winery synonymous with excellence.  Served in the world's finest restaurants and now available exclusively through the orinoco outlet, this majestic Dorset Arinto Sauvignon Blanc is at its very best with gorgonzola or piccalilli or perhaps a bowl of spicy tripe and onions.  Limes, passionfruit and sultanas with a hint of Rive Gauche, it is a luxury wine but one well worth cashing in the social secuity cheque for!

£2.50 per bottle

£25 per case plus p&p

Toller Whelme Old Combustible Ale

The Threadbone Brewery


With an alcohol content of 13%, this premium beer is a favourite of alcoholics the world over.  Brewing beer using local Dorset water since 1881, Toller Whelme is a byword for boutique crafted beer. Purchased by The Threadbone Brewery in 2009, Toller Whelme is now part of the beer and ale revolution that is Threadbone Ales. Almost unchanged in recipe but now available in industrial quantities Old Combustible will give you and that illegal teenage party just the kick you need!










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