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New for 2017

£20 plus p&p

DHRA 2017 Calendar


Back by popular demand and to mark the centenary of the invention of the  toggle light switch by William J. Newton and Morris Goldberg, the Threadbone Press has published the DHRA's 2017 Calendar.  Always a visual treat to adorn any wall, this year's calendar also features a schedule of DHRA Book of the Month releases meaning you will always be the first to know what's coming up throughout the year!  Complete with an inspirational foreword by DHRA President for LIFE and West Country celebrity Mrs Amanda J Threadbone, the DHRA is the thing any self-respecting husband will want to stuff in his wife's stocking this Christmas.

The calendar is always a sellout so order early to ensure inevitable disappointment.

Readers purchasing the Calendar are entitled to a magical free gift available via the links to the right.



The Dorset Historical Romance Association 

2009 Calendar of Romance

Featuring twelve beautiful and especially commissioned illustrations the 2009 Calendar of Romance has become a classic of the genre. Complete with an Inspirational Introduction by DHRA favourite Susan Stourpaine, it is once again available from the DHRA's Dorset archive in stunning ThreadboneLitho guaranteeing a more intense sensual experience.  This limited edition is available for a short time only.

£27.50 plus p&p

The Dorset Historical Romance Association 

Create-a-Romance Cutout & Keep Scene

This stunning interactive high quality sheet is once again available for dedicated craft fans looking for that special gift for a family or, failing which, a loved one.  Featuring real "Mad" Ludwig of Bavaria Fairytale Castle Background (TM) this masterpiece of paper art is sure to please young and old alike, provided they have been cleared for scissor-work.  Purchasers assemble at own risk.  Quality cardboard, glue, safety-scissors and bandages are available separately.

£12.00 plus p&p


fitness the threadbone way™

Once available only to the privileged habitués of the Scout Huts and Women's Institute Halls of Dorset, Threadbone Leisure Industries is proud to distribute worldwide the multiple award winning Threadbone Fitness programme "fitness the threadboneway, it is guaranteed to make you sweat and others comment.  Warning: weight loss may appear to be slow for the first 18 months; if so halve the thrupiecediet allowance, double the daily threadbone regime and seek psychiatric help.  Clients are reminded that body-shape misperception ("dysmorphic dysphasia")  is common, especially amongst those attending darts matches or standing next to large Americans in check-out queues. Always check your rear-view mirrors.
Available on license for use only in conjunction with the thrupiecediet™,

£38 per week

License for up to 2 persons

Genuine TWIST! National Tour Poster

Produced on high quality paper using the latest THREADBONE PRESS digiclear imaging process, this genuine theatre poster celebrates the 1st Anniversary of the National Tour of TWIST the breakthrough musical based on a card game by Charles Dickens.

Like those who purchase it, this item is suitable for framing and can be delivered in time for Easter. We recommend specially milled clear ©Threadspex do-it-yourself frames which are available separately.  POA

£20 plus p&p

Treasures of the Thrupiece Collection


Genuine large format reproduction of the original art work drawn for the early 1960's Thrupiece Roto-matic advertisement placed in Modern American Housewife Magazine.

Recently found amongst the Thrupiece Archives, this poster was one of the principle attractions at the recent Professor Thrupiece: The Modernist Exhibition at the Thrupiece Museum of Science and technology, Tincleton.  Offered here due to popular demand and otherwise unavailable except directly from the Museum, this is your chance to acquire a piece of late 20th Century history to adorn your home.

£25 plus p&p

Threadbone Press FOLIO II e-reader

The innovate and supremely portable new design of the FOLIO II builds upon the success of the FOLIO I and brings the world of The Threadbone Press to those "on the go".  Complete with leatherette carrying case and battery trolley, this must-have hi-tech gear is perfect for the technologically adventurous with broad shoulders and an eye for a good read.  Estimated delivery time 2 months.  Order now for Christmas 2017.

Customers who bought this also bought: fitnessthethreadboneway 42" Hernia Belt, Hornimint™ Surgical Webbing Cream, Steel-capped Welders Boots (Size 14)

£250 plus delivery

Threadbone Press Loyalty Gold Card Members


Thrupiece Replica Memorial Shrine

This beautifully crafted replica of the recently commissioned Professor Brian Thrupiece Memorial Stone is made of high quality resin and is fully authorised by The Threadbone Corporation for use by groups of less than three.  Ideal for admirers of the "late" Professor it is the perfect focus for those moments of quiet personal reflection and can be either mounted on a wall (separate fixing available but not included) or left free standing for increased portability (including use during caravan holidays).

Not available in the shops, this limited edition also comes as a fridge magnet (please contact Customer Services directly).

£55 plus p&p

Threadbone Press Loyalty Gold Card Members


Professor Thrupiece Garden Figurine

Exquisitely crafted by sculptor Graeme Garden-Tatt (RGSA) and featured in October 2017's Unique Dorset Gnomes Magazine, this eagerly anticipated figurine will brighten any garden and add gravitas to even the smallest plot (1 acre minimum recommended).  Authorised by the thrupieceorganisation, for sale "to those who will really appreciate it and have the wherewithal to afford it", you can be sure yours will be the only one in your neighbourhood. Sick of Jeremy Fishers and tubby old Santas?  Upgrade to a Professor Thrupiece and be a cut above the rest!

Not available in the shops, this limited edition is sure to sell out soon.

£1699 plus p&p


Unique Dorset 2018 Calendar in association with

the DHRA

This year's exquisitely crafted and Mrs Amanda J Threadbone prefaced DHRA Calendar comes in association with Unique Dorset Magazines and is guaranteed to delight they eye as well as organise the mind as 2018 looms and all those important appointments, dates and anniversaries pile up.  Tired of trying to keep your busy schedule in your head?  Then why not consider using a calendar?  Every day has its own unique little box so you can record your to-dos and don't-forgets without fear of hesitation, deviation or repetition.  This Nicholas Parson's ["Just a Minute!"] approved product makes an ideal Christmas gift and is a snip at only £12.50

£12.50 plus p&p

Swyre Wars Commemorative Poster

Issued in 2017 to mark the completion of the full restoration and remastering for VHS and Sony Betamax cassette of Georgina Flukearse's six-part saga by Girton Non-Industrial light and Magic, this much sought-after poster will be a "must have" for all fans of the series. Not available separately (to avoid embarrassingly poor sales for Episodes 1-3) this edition is ideal for those with a modern square cathode-ray tube home receiver.  Please check compatibility before purchase top avoid disappointment and refusal of a refund.

This item is available for immediate dispatch via the Thr-ups Carrier Service.  Allow up to 3 months for delivery.  Not guaranteed in time for Christmas.

£12.50 plus p&p


The Dorset Historical Romance Association 

2019 Beautiful Dorset Calendar

Featuring twelve historic and hugely nostalgic railway posters the 2019 Calendar of Romance is a modern classic of the genre - technologically up to the minute yet, at the same time, a thoughtful tribute to a well-loved and much respected genre. Complete with an Inspirational Introduction by DHRA President {FOR LIFE} Mrs Amanda J Threadbone, it is once again available from the DHRA's Dorset archive in stunning ThreadboneLitho guaranteeing a more intense visual experience.  This limited edition is available for a short time only (until September 2019).

£15.99 plus p&p









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