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Update From Enriqué

DHRA members often ask What became of Enriqué, former Threadbone amanuensis and ex Spanish Boy Scout? It's a great question! After many years servicing the late Mr Threadbone, Enriqué simply disappeared. Now read on ....

Readers will be familiar with Enriqué's early life, though a recap may be in order. Discovered loitering in the Job Centre, Clifton Maybank whilst waiting for a "hand job" (his English was poor; he meant a Handyman's Job) , Enriqué was recruited by the late Mr Threadbone to help him with work on his motorised mini-tractor collection. Handsome as well as ambidextrous, Enriqué soon became a Threadbone favourite, his firm grip on Mr Threadbone's over-tightened nuts making him an indispensable cog in the Threadbone wheel. Rising to the post of amanuensis, he remained with the Threadbones until the late Mr Threadbone's demise whereafter he briefly serviced Mrs Threadbone before moving on to pastures new.

But where is he now? readers ask. Until recently that would have remained an enigma, as the handsome ex-Spanish boy scout appeared to have disappeared without appearing to have left any apparent trace, or at least that's how it appeared! However, a recent interview with Lost Spanish Boy Scouts Magazine (El Arenal) has revealed all:

"Después de salir de Dorset me traumatizó. Había pasado tanto tiempo haciendo cosquillas a mis empleadores que no tenía fuerzas para seguir adelante. Volví a España para empezar de nuevo y ahora ejecuto un bar sandwish en Magaluf con mi amigo Juan. Él mantequilla y me separo." Enriqué told Spanish journalist Felicia del Lost-Ninõs.

"After leaving Dorset he (it) traumatized me. I had spent so much hours tickling my employers that I did not have the strength to do it more. I went back to Spain to start over and now I make a sandwich bar in Magaluf with my friend Juan. He butter and I spread."

Case solved!

Click on image below for English version of Revista de Ninõs Española Perdidos

Lost Spanish Boy Scouts Magazine for December featuring an interview with the previously perdidos Enriqué

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