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Publishers Land Bombshell in Pre-Christmas Market

Children's publishers Ladybone Books today shocked the publishing world and rocked the London stock-markets when they unexpectedly released another volume in their much-acclaimed Culinary Bio-ethical Series. "Amanda Writes A Letter" was not expected until at least January 2017 and it was thought that "Brian's Good Deed" would be the stocking-filler de notre jour this Christmas. Instead readers now have a choice: one, the other, both?

High street retailer John Collier ("the window to watch") predicted that sales of each title would be "high" and that "turnups were long overdue a return" whilst online book-selling-giant orinoco suggested pre-sales might "reach the dozens".

"Notoriously competitive, publishers vie with each other to dominate the Christmas market but Ladybone have certainly stolen a march with this one" added Miss Print from The Bookseller's Monthly.

The FTSE is down 5 points.

The publication of Amanda Writes a Letter has rocked the publishing world

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