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The trulyuselesscompany Spreads Its Wings

Chief Executive of the trulyuselesscompany, Louis B Threadbone announced today that its theatre acquisition wing had agreed to purchase of a small run-down theatre in Paris which it expects to restore to its former glory "in a matter of decades". The so-called Palais Garnier - home to the Paris Opera before it decamped into new premises in the Place de Bastille - was once the toast of Europe and the scene of a number of important premieres. It even inspired Gastron Leroux's Phantom of the Opera, once known as a novel and film but now better known as a après ski cocktail. It has since fallen on hard times but the trulyuselesscompany is determined to restore this little jewel and make it, once again, a place to see and be seen.

"We are looking forward" commented trulyuselesscompany spokeswoman Eve Pièce-Traversante, "to welcoming once again to this theatre world class entertainment that everyone can enjoy. Where once you might have heard Bizet or Berlioz or Gounod, you can now look forward to their twenty-first century lineal descendants. We have already booked Richard Clayderman and Daniel O'Donnell is expected to sign up anytime soon."

The Palais Garnier: the new home of thetrulyuselesscompany "en Paris"

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