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2018 Dorset Open Quoits Championship Venue Announced

Threadbone Leisure has today announced that its Hotel Magna and Spa division has been named host of the 2018 Dorset Open Quoits Championship. The Championship, now in its 3rd year, will take place in July (21st-23rd) at the Hotel Magna, Remedy Oak. Club professional Bob "Tiger" Twelvetrees - winner with Mrs Threadbone of the Remedy Oak Pro-Am Festival tournament this year - expressed his surprise and delight at the decision. "I'm surprised and delighted" he told the Pimperne Courier, adding "it's a delightful surprise".

Dorset Ladies County Quoits Association chairman, Mrs Amanda Threadbone has confirmed Mr Twelvetrees's entry, scotching all doubt regarding his eligibility. "I know from playing around with him that he's fully up for it" she said. "No-one has better rhythm or a stronger forward thrust ... and he can keep it up over the longer haul which is so important in gaining satisfaction from the long game."

It has been agreed by the All-West Country Club that Crewkerne Rules will apply. In this regional variant of the long game, quoits of reduced size and weight are used though, as with the long game (proper), the hobs are 18 yards apart with their tops raised. Quoits that land cleanly over the hob score two points, regardless of the opponent's efforts, and are removed immediately, prior to the next throw. Quoits which land on their backs, or inclined in a backwards direction, are also removed immediately. Sherbourne Forfeits will also apply. The competition is open to allcomers.

The Dorset Open Quoits Championship comes to Remedy Oak.  CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Quoits was a brief "hit" on the Lusitania; the 2015 Open at the Hotel Magna, Corscombe, Bob "Tiger" Twelvetrees uses his "strong right arm" toi great effect; today's precision equipment

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