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Viking Threadbone Announce 2017/18 Schedule

Swanage-based Viking Threadbone Cruiseline today announced the schedule for its upcoming 2017/18 Winter and Spring cruises. Operator of three "flagship" vessels - The Dorset Princess, Duchess of Dorset and Spirit of Thrupiece - the company will be offering occasional sailings to Southampton, Antwerp and the Isle of Wight. Defending this audacious expansion at a time of Brexit-based economic uncertainty, Group Chair and CEO Amanda Threadbone told the Bridport Financial Times "when others retreat, the bold advance. I didn't get where I am today by not recognising an opening when I see one. My late husband was the same but he was presented with few tempting openings in his lifetime. I made jolly sure of that!"

Jo-Lee Marriner, Captain of The Spirit of Thrupiece which will be deployed on the 3 month-long Southampton cruise added "It's such a privilege to take the rich to places they have never been before. When you are that wealthy there's is little you can't afford, so a trip to see poor people in their natural environment is as educational as it's entertaining." She also revealed that Bob "Tiger" Twelvetrees - winner with Mrs Threadbone of the Remedy Oak Pro-Am Festival tournament this year - would be on-board to coach passengers in the art of deck quoits. Bob was unavailable for comment.

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