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Mrs Threadbone "Calls It Quits"?

In a shock announcement - delivered in a heartfelt letter signed in her own hand - Mrs Amanda J Threadbone relinquished her many responsibilities in The Threadbone Corporation/thrupiecemedia companies together with her Chairmanship of the DHRS/RSCBE. In what appears to be a (mental?) health-related breakdown a clearly emotional and unguarded Mrs Threadbone allowed an uncharacteristically intimate glimpse into her secret hitherto un-breached recesses.

"This has come completely out of the mauve. Only yesterday she seemed to be in the pink. We are all feeling very blue and the prospects look very black. A technicolour world is suddenly so grey", Teresa Dulux, spokesperson for the DHRA (under 30s Group) told reporters who barnstormed her delightful Trickett's Cross home. "there will be no further announcements until a full colour service is resumed - probably on BBC 2 in 1967 and probably form Wimbledon initially", she added

Shareprices across the portfolio of Companies rose by 12%.

That letter in full ...

The Letter from Mrs Thgreadbone which has shocked and saddened her many admirers

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