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Dorset Abbey Returns To Our Screens Next March

Inside Made-for-Video Movies Magazine, has today revealed that thrupiecevideo has commissioned a ninth series of Dorset Abbey, the evergreen story of the Earl of Goathill and his family as they struggle to come to terms with the 20th century and the impact of global bio-ethical warming on the rural economy. Series Nine will begin with a Christmas Special (aired in March) in which the Earl, seriously injured in a motorised mini-tractor incident, faces challenges from a determined Lady Muriel and her dentist husband as they seek to drag the estate into the 1940s and establish frozen mercury as a durable dental filler. Tight-lipped studio bosses declined to reveal more of the cliff-hanger (or should we say Highcliff-hanger (the series is filmed at Highcliff Castle)) plot, though it is believed that this will be the last series in which the Dowager Duchess Lady Valora appears. Margery Moth-Ball who has played the Dowager since 1842 will be 98 in January and hasn't frowned unaided since Series Two. She was rendered speechless by a chance remark in 2012.

Series bosses have denied that this will be the final outing for the Crawbone family though Micaele Hickery-Dickery (Lady Misery) has revealed that large quantities of semtex have been spotted on site. "Enough", she added, "to blow us all to smithereens whilst asleep in our beds after a marvellous estate party in Episode eight". The series may or may not continue.

Historic Highcliff  Castle: many of the EXteriors will be short here

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