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Mrs Threadbone : A Second Coming !

Only three days after relinquishing all involvement in the corporate affairs of The Threadbone Corporation/thrupieceorganisation conglomerate, Mrs Amanda Threadbone has announced that she is resuming all activities with immediate effect. Thought to be the result of a paranormal "event" experienced whilst watching a short ballet involving three women and a Thermomix TM5 Food-processor in a small West Country Theatre, Mrs Threadbone assured delighted theatre-goers after the performance that she was once again "firing on all cylinders, in top gear and feeling a little better." Tomasina Belcourt-Hargreaves Mrs Threadbone's recently appointed private secretary and croquet instructor,

added: "though her carom shot in bisque play is apt to break down in a double bank, in Waterford Doubles she is still the one to beat with ball in hand."

Her case continues ...

That letter:

Mrs Threadbone's Letter which caused almost as much consternation as her first.

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