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Christmas In A Cracker

Threadbone Laboratories the exclusive manufacturer of thrupiecediet™ products has announced its complete Christmas Feast range in time for the festive day. Consisting of two wafer-thin biscuits, the luxury Christmas Dinner package offers flavour-packed solace to those who want to indulge on the day but not compromise their weight-loss regime.

Developed in conjunction with the RSCBE, the sustainable snack-breads use patent thrupiecediet™ "extract of airborne substance" but alter its normally powdered form by combining it with a secret base matrix material using a high temperature process called baking™. Chief scientist Dr Jacob Crackers, claims that the process - which was 10 years in development - stabilises the moulded constituent ingredients, hardens them (a process known as "crisping") and leaves them slightly brown on both sides.

The two crispy-thins which will, the company claims, "satisfy the greediest client", are designed to complement each other in the most surprising and delightful way. Tasters report that the first or "savoury" disc is broadly reminiscent of sprout with a hint of turkey , whilst the second or "sweet" disc is suggestive of parsnip with a hint of candied peel.

Available through thrupiecediet distributor avocado™, the Christmas Feast range is only available to existing customers. New customers will have to wait until January. No retail price was quoted at the launch but industry insiders suggest a guide price of £12 per meal (2 pieces).

thrupiecediet's new "Christmas Feast" Complete meal is expected to be a big seller this Christmas.

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