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Rumours of Third Ladybone Book Refuse To Die Down

Rumours that The Threadbone Press's children's imprint Ladybone Books has released a third volume in their Culinary Bio-ethics for Children Series just refuse to go away!

Despite assurances from Press head, Amanda J Threadbone, that "such rumours are groundless and designed only to undermine sales of those titles we have officially released for the Christmas market", booksellers throughout the West Country report heavy sales of the volume believed to be entitled "Edna Takes Charge".

Heavily pregnant manager of Waterbones Bookshops, Bridport, Ms Jollygood Page-Turner, told anxious customers keen to get hold of the volume before Christmas that she was expecting a delivery before the end of the week and, if a boy, she would be calling it Brian.

In the meantime, queues outside Waterbones' Gillingham branch had reached the Post Office and all the way round to the Fish and Chip Emporium. Emporium manager Dave Beer-Batter said sales were good for local businesses. "They are queueing for so long, there's time for a full fish supper. Mushy pea sales are through the roof and orders for pickled eggs look like stretching into the new year."

Edna takes Charge is officially published in March 2017. The Gillingham Fish and Chip Emporium is open 12-2,30 and 5.30-9 Mon-Sat. Early closing is on Wednesday.

The much anticipated Edna Takes charge may have been accidentlally released early

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