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Flipbooks™ Puts Threadbone Press At The Cutting Edge

Global publishing conglomerate The Threadbone Press today announced at the Portesham Inter Christmas | New Year Literary Festival that it was deploying its new flipbook™ technology across the whole range of its impressive roster of imprints starting with its Ladybone Press books for children, followed by the extensive RSCBE library including the much-valued Thrupiece Papers. Following an historic agreement with the DHRA, selected titles from their "Library of Romance" series will also be made available starting with Rowena Westlake's recent sizzling bestseller "He Came Upon the Midnight Clear".

10 years in the making, the advance threadboneflipbook digital engine™, makes manual pageturners a thing if the past and even the laziest reader can now flip through multiple pages - read or unread - with a speed unimagined by even by the most paginatorily dextrous.

Announcing the exciting development, Group Editor and threadboneflipbook™ project director Paige Handler (FRSCBE) said: "Here at the Threadbone Press we do things properly. Others may well have been producing flipping books for years, but our flipping books will be better flipping books than anybody else's flipping books and that's a flipping promise". She added that no other publisher had such a treasure trove of flipping materials in its back catalogue and vowed to be the dominant player in the flipping marketplace "within a decade".

Threadbone Press flippingbooks™ are available to both individuals and institutions on a subscription basis. Prices for institutions are yet to be fixed but are believed likely to be "exorbitant" or "extortionate" and possibly even "prohibitive".

The Threadbone Press's new digital initiative was announced at the Portesham Literary Festival today

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