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Thrupiecefilm To Launch New Year Blockbuster?

Rumours that international media giant thrupiecefilm are to release a new film in January just won't go away. Industry insiders believe that the studio (which is owned jointly by The Threadbone Corporation and global partner Hornimint) are keen to capitalise on the failure of their Christmas blockbuster "And Suddenly It's Christmas" based on Dornford Sittingbourne's timeless "Suddenly" Trilogy. Originally intended for West Country-wide release, the film made limited appearances during the holiday season in selected cinemas only. Speaking on behalf of thrupiecefilm, spokesperson Sellu Lloyd claimed that the decision to scale down screenings was made in light of the technical limitations of some of the intended theatres and a desire not to misrepresent its hi-tech production values. However, media watcher Ron Critic believes that the film never recovered from its disastrous December premiere at the Regal Cinema Canford Magna, when the red carpet was rolled away due to Mrs Amanda J Threadbone's (temporary) resignation as Corporation head and subsequent withdrawal from public life.

Massive crowds outside The Regal Cinema Canford Magna:

Star Wars Rogue One outsold And Suddenly It's Christmas 2,500:1

Bill Board, analyst for What Movie and biographer of famed director Cecil B de Threadbone, believes that the release of a film in January represents a bold attempt on the Threadbone Corporation's part to lay the ghosts of "Suddenly" to rest and begin the new year on the front foot. "I believe this is a bold attempt to lay the ghosts of "Suddenly" to bed and start the new year on the front foot", he told the Hinton Parva Courier, "and as such it may or may not be successful". "It all depends" , he added sagely, "on how things turn out".

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