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Threadbone Press Make Bold Move into the Jigsaw Business

Publishing giant The Threadbone Press has made a surprise move, via its Ladybone imprint into the world of jigsaw manufacture. Though no stranger to the business, it is more than 20 years since the The Threadbone Corporation's flagship publishers last made assemblable paper-based home entertainment products. Recognising several years after everyone else that the future of family entertainment lay in texting, emailing and "gaming" delivered via console-based electronic platforms, the highly respected publisher withdrew from the field, its last product being a 2,500 piece puzzle depicting the Hotel Cornavin Geneva, scene of the late Professor Thrupiece's demise. It was widely regarded as marking something of a swan song for both parties.

Returning to the fray, the company is determined to make an impact on a business worth more than £238 per annum nationwide. With the advantage of advanced printing and cutting technology developed for the Ladybone Books venture, the new range of puzzles will feature patent "Titefit™" durable technology guaranteed to produce consistent "docking" however many hands are at work.

Following an agreements with the DHRA puzzlers can look forward to releases featuring art work from a number of the Association's "Library of Romance" best sellers, whilst similar agreements are currently under discussion with the RSCBE, the trulyuselesscompany and cinema and television giant thrupiecemedia.

Such is the commitment to precision and quality that each jigsaw puzzle is manually assembled and disassembled before release. Veteran puzzle assembler Miss Ing Piece makes up to four puzzles a day during her 15 hour shift. Dedication such as this makes it possible to manufacture, check, box and release up to 24 puzzles per week. Ladybone Jigsaw Puzzles are available from all good retailers and cost £38 for the 120 piece basic editions, rising to £9,500 for the 2,500 piece deluxe offerings.

Just one of five titles in the series

The Threadbone Corporation's Inspirational Board Room Portrait of Tamsin Whisky-McNightly by Dierdre Eastman-Kodakawzcki is featured in the initial releases.

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