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Top Civil Servant Resigns in Drexit Row

In what was described as "a body blow" to hopes of successful negotiations with the rest of the West Country, top Drexit official Sir Ivor Notherjob-Togo-To has today resigned from his post accusing Long Bredy Parish Council Chairwoman Tallulla Might of "muddled thinking" and "centralist, imperialist, totalitarian tendencies more appropriate to North Korea than North Sherborne".

In an open email to colleagues, Sir Ivor was stinging in his criticisms of the Parish Council's approach to plans for the withdrawal of Dorset from the West Country Association of West Country Associations, describing them as "ill thought, ill-conceived, ill-tempered, ill-mannered and ill-timed." Asked about his health, he described himself as "ill".

Critics of the Parish council and in particular of Mrs Might will seize upon Sir Ivor's uncharacteristically forthright views as evidence that the Long Bredy special Drexit Taskforce is out of its depth in negotiating Dorset decoupling from the complex currents of Greater West Country Union bureaucracy, though the conservative leaning "Keep Dorset as It was in 1926" Think Tank KDAIWiNTS, welcomed his departure adding "A major obstacle has been removed and Sir Ivor clearly went before he was pushed. Now we can look forward to a replacement who is far more committed to the cause and enthusiastic about releasing us from the shackles of the Common Bicycle Policy, The Late Wednesday Shopping Directive and the pernicious anti-competition fiasco INTERNET (Inter-West Country Mixed Ability Netball Association).

Suspicions that Sir Ivor might already have lined up his next job strengthened last night when he announced on his Twitter Feed that he was "Off to Cornwall to advise Fistral Beach District Council on bio-ethical, diversity sensitive low-carbon sustainable eco-tourism. Massive salary, big house and free surf'n. Cushty. Toodle Pip." Sir Ivor is married to his former secretary, onetime Threadbone Corporation employee and well known West country socialite Jean-Claudette Heinckle. Ms Heinckle is 54; Drexit is scheduled for April 2059.

Sir Ivor Notherjob-Togo-To showing signs of strain yesterday as he tries to comfort his colleague anti-Drexit campaigner Ms Shelley-Lulette Sizemore.

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