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DHRA Issues Commemorative Art

Great Heaving Poster c 1926

Mrs Amanda J Threadbone CEO of The Threadbone Corporation and President for LIFE of the DHRA unveiled an specially commissioned commemorative artwork today to mark the 13th Anniversary of the Association. The exquisitely rendered canvas is a reproduction of the 1926 Great Western Railway promotional poster for Great Heaving lovingly restored and updated to include an unauthentic but delightful reference to the DHRA. Great Heaving is home to both the DHRA and the Threadbone Corporation whose state of the art headquarters is the centrepiece of the Great Heaving Science and Arts Complex.

Originally produced for the Great Western Railway to encourage intelligent travellers to explore the delights of this hidden part of Dorset, the poster by famed railway artist Frank Henry McNightly was a common sight at stations in London and throughout the West Country, but time and fashion inevitably took their toll and all were feared lost. However, the original sketch came to light when McNightly's estate was auctioned by his granddaughter in law Mrs Edna Whisky-McNightly in 2003. It was purchased by The Threadbone Corporation for a record £18.25 and gifted to the DHRA in perpetuity by Mrs Threadbone then Vice-President of the Association to mark the start of her election campaign for President.

Just one of the many treasures held in the DHRA's triple secure digivault™ archive, the poster is now made available to DHRA members only in a high resolution Threadbone Press digiprint™ limited edition . The first 100 prints are signed by Mrs Threadbone.

The Threadbone Press digiprint reproduction is available to DHRA Members only

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