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Threadbone Crimeshelf: Just Good Or Flipping Good?

The Threadbone Press has today made a demarche on the publishing world by beginning to issue its award winning Threadbone Crimeshelf novels in its popular Flipbook form.. Originally developed for the Ladybone Books Improving Adventures for Children and Young Adults Series, the technology has now been applied to the world of crime.

The first issue in the series is multiple Dorset Crime Writers' Association Award-winning Doug Graves' Death on Four Wheels. It will be followed in the Spring by the same author's Death Takes a Cruise.

Excited crime fiction fanatic and regular shop-lifter Onmi Todd was both surprised and concerned. "I'm both surprised and concerned", he told Over Compton Police Inspector and crime afficionado Citizen Arrest, "on the one hand it's great to have the convenience, on the other they are so much harder to nick". "and you need a computer", he added, "and I haven't had time to get to Threadbone PC World to get one. Mind you, they are hard to nick. They don't fit easily under a jacket and my heavy coat is at the cleaners. Sadly I'll probably have to wait until next week to read the latest Inspector Allardyce".

Honest citizens need not wait however. Extracts from the latest in the Inspector Allardyce Series are available from the Threadbone digital download portal via the picture link below.

Death on Four Wheels is new in Hardback Softback and Flipbook from Threadbone Crimeshelf™

Death on Four Wheels is the latest Doug Graves Inspector Allardyce Mystery. It is available in the Threadbone Crimeshelf, online, offline and hardline.

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