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Two In, None Out As Abbotsbury AFC Juggle January Moves.

Former Melplash Academicals' coach and Scottish football legend Canny Fowl, now interim managers at Abbotsbury AFC has revealed that the club are chasing two target in the January transfer window. With a little over two weeks remaining, fans feared that the Monks boss had neither the time nor the resources to strengthen his side. But Canny told reporters in his pre-match press conference that he was definitely looking to strengthen in two areas: a player in either defence or attack and a new spectator.

Sporting Director and Board Chairman Trevor Maine-Stande told The Abbotsbury Chronicle that he had put in place the resources to buy one player (preferably a striking defender, or a defensive striker at a pinch) and hoped to make a loan deal for a spectator if not an outright purchase - always difficult in the January window. He dismissed rumours of a £200 war chest to buy several players as "fanciful". "Money doesn't grow on trees you know", he quipped, proving, if nothing else, that he is up to speed in current thinking in the culinary bio-ethical sciences.

Insiders tipped Bert Fagg (68), currently a supporter of Broadmayne Albion, as the most likely loanee. Bert was unavailable for comment yesterday but is know to admire the meat pies at the Monks' Thrupiece Lane Ground.

Bookmakers Dorset Casino are laying odds of 200 to 1 on Upcerne Rovers' striker Diego Costa-Nero exchanging the Tuppers for the Monks. "He knows where the goal is and has a decent right foot, though his left's a bit of a let down", Head of Odds Fixing, Bent Games said yesterday.

Abbotsbury's next game at the Viking Threadbone Cruiseline Stadium (formerly Thrupiece Lane) sees the "Monks" up against relegation rivals Studland Alexandria. Long time supporters and touchline stalwarts Sid and Freda Rout were "conscious it's a 6 pointer".

Bert Fagg (68) under pressure to change allegiance.

Bert Fagg (68) under big money pressure to change allegiance to the Monks.

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