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Hornimint Nostalgia Uncovers More 50s Gold

Not content with its recent blockbuster release of the Neujahrkonzert from Dorchester, Hornimint records Classics' stable mate - Hornimint Nostalgia - has released two recently rediscovered albums by 1950s Latin sensation Fernando Mediantepieza.

Not many will now recall that Fernando Mediantepiezo, was a later incarnation of the well known pre-war dance band leader Ferguson Thrupiece. Ferguson was a regular in the 1930s and 1940s at thés dansants held at The Excelsior Cafe, Lyme Regis but his gentle style of unobtrusive music fell out of favour during the rock and roll era. A chance encounter with The Harry Styles Skiflemen briefly re-ignited his career after he mastered the washboard. Only later did he tour the hotels of western Dorset (1958-1961) as Fernando Mediantepieza and his Latin Rhythm. He was also the paternal grandfather of Professor Brian Thrupiece the well-known culinary bio-ethicist who was tragically lost to the scientific world following an incident with a small electrical appliance in a Swiss Hotel Room.

Fernando Mediantepieza and his Latin Rhythm were enticed in to the studio by the short-lived label Magic Bongos Records and the two albums charted at 136 and 243 respectively in 1959 and 1960. Hornimint Nostalgia have subjected both to their patent Hornigroove™ restoration techniques with the result that the new release "reveals every sound the band made as never before heard". Latin American Rhythm historian Cuba Goodthing Jnr described this as "a mixed blessing".

Just one of two releases on the Hornimint Nostalgia label featuring the Latin American sound of Fernando Mediantepieza and His Latin Rhythm

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